How very, very, very sad

Since 1980, I have basically considered myself to be apolitical. Identifying with neither left, right, Democrat, Republican ,Green or Libertarian, I became disgusted with the disingenuous, insincere, two-faced, mealy-mouthed nature of political discourse. Indeed, after Jimmy Carter lost and Ronald Reagan won in 1980, I haven't voted in a presidential election since for lack of belief in any particular party's sincerity or for lack of hope in our political system. Politicians themselves became the butt of jokes in the way that admen once were in the 1950's and 60's - snake oil salesman who spoke with forked tongues, never told the truth, and whose bottom line was always personal gain at anyone's expense. Since the mid-Eighties consequently, I have focused on helping individuals elevate their own levels of consciousness, one person at a time, ignoring the notion of "movements" on a mass scale.
Then, suddenly, in 2007-2008, there came Barack Obama.
Believe me, I haven't cried at the words of a political contender since 1968, nor have I witnessed a person running for political office who I knew actually saw himself truly as a public servant in that long a time either. But yes, Barack Obama has made me cry. Barack Obama has aroused me to vote once again. When I voted for him in the NY primary recently, it was a revelation. I voted!
Understand this - I have done a lot of work on myself. I am self aware and as anti-dogmatic as you can be. I am not politically oriented, nor do I believe that politics can offer real solutions to our problems. I believe that only by raising consciousness can we really change anything. Barack Obama is the first candidate running for national office that proposes to help us raise our consciousness in many, many, many years.
So, why am I so very, very, very sad? Because I see that the forces of fear, despair, hatred, bigotry, ignorance, greed, ambition and ego are out in full force against not just Obama's candidacy, but more tragically, against his message. The message of unity, of oneness, of positiveness, and of hope. His message is being attacked with the rampant, virulent, wild-eyed paranoia so often directed at the perceived enemies of the psychotic mind. It is no coincidence that the extreme right punditry are attempting, in Hitler-esque fashion, to attack Obama as Hitler-esque. They are in a state of terror at the possibility that a candidate who promotes unity could be elected because their entire existence is built on the house of cards of ethnocentric, xenophobic separateness.
I have hope for humanity. I do. Truly. Evolution of consciousness is inevitable. We will all make it to the promised land ultimately. But I found myself surprised to consider with the rise of Barack Obama's candidacy that we might actually make it there in my lifetime. But the fear of change and growth is powerful. Very powerful. So, today, for the moment, I am sad. But still willing to be surprised.

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