What would Mae west say today about the - forgive me - hard time men are having getting and keeping it hard? It's an epidemic. You can't watch TV, especially network TV, without being subjected to (if you don't have Tivo) a flood of preposterous, romanticized commercials about drugs to induce erections.

Are you kidding me?

Gentlemen, I know that you don't really think it's normal, or a function of the aging process, to lose your hard-ons while you're still able to desire sex, which many studies show continues to occur well into very old age, and in normal individuals, until death.

So, what the hell is going on, guys?

Yeah, I know, you're overweight, too stressed, drink too much,... or you're taking drugs for high blood pressure, or drugs to put you to sleep. Blah, blah, blah. Cut the crap! Your erection is nature's compass, fellas, and if yours isn't pointing north, you've got some issues - emotional, psychological, spiritual issues.

Let me give you a hint, okay? You can't spend a lifetime bottling up anger at and fear of women without it taking its toll. You see, every irrational fear, held onto long enough, brings the very thing that's feared into your life. That's just one of the unavoidable laws of attraction. Did you have an intrusive, controlling, co-dependent, "castrating" mother? Of course, you did. We all did. Have you worked it through in a full-spectrum (i.e. - a mind-body-spirit therapy) healing process? Of course, you haven't. So... you're castrated!

You think I'm just talking metaphorically here? Well, listen up - I have helped men in middle age with - Ugh! - "erectile dysfunction." (Give an emotional problem a medical-sounding name and make a fortune in drug sales, huh?) For example, in less than a year of seeing me just every other week for sessions focused on releasing long-held anger at dear old mom, one man not only restored his blood pressure to normal levels (doctors couldn't explain it), but he raised his penis back to its proper elevation. I know other men who, having released that stockpiled mommy rage, actually reported that their penises grew in size. That's right - got bigger! How is that possible? Because when we are stuck in our character structures, it involves our muscles, our organs, our energy flow, etc. And if you're simultaneously hating and fearing that "WOMAN," you will retract that instrument of love a.) because you don't want to give her pleasure, and b.) because you don't want to have too big a target for the looming lopping.

Listen, this is important. Really. Sex is not just a recreational activity, and it's not just for the young. Losing sexual potency is why middle-aged men start wars. I've said this before - nobody who just had a mind-blowing, gut-wrenching, soul-quenching orgasm with someone they love ever follows that up with a desire to blow-up a country or dump toxic waste into our water supply or steal someone's pension. You think I'm voting for Obama because of his policy positions? No. I'm an expert at body language, not politics. I'm voting for Obama because he and his wife do the bump. That means he's not as dangerous as the dried up, feminine-hating quail-hunters we've had driving the country into the ground.

Not having sex - good, full-bodied, open-hearted sex - is dangerous, and not just for you, the individual, but for everyone around you, including your kids. Every major psychological school of thought, and every spiritual teaching comes back to the importance of having an open and vital sexual connection. As the Pathwork Guide says: "In the human realm the power of sexuality can, in its most ideal form, be the greatest representative of spiritual existence." (Read the lecture here: "THE SPIRITUAL SYMBOLISM AND SIGNIFICANCE OF SEXUALITY")

Please, guys, do it for yourself, do it for anyone you care about, do it for the world, do it for me. Shed that anger, dump the pills and stand tall like you were meant to.

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