I've always known I was going to live to a very old age in this lifetime. Really. It's just something I always felt in my gut, even in my twenties. And I always looked forward to getting old, too. I saw old age as a very cool time, as the crowning glory of a life, as a time to reap the benefits of accumulated wisdom, authority, humor and humility. I even began to see a number at some point - one hundred. I was going to hit and break a hundred years old. I knew it.

Well, today, John Tesh posted an article on "What It Takes To Live To 100" that is very enlightening.

"People who advance to a 100," Tesh says, "typically have several other important traits. They have a sense of purpose. We all have a sense of an inner compass inside us, but we're unsure which direction it's pointing. To live to 100 years, start asking the question as soon as you can, 'What on earth am I here for?"

"Another trait for people who reach 100 is that they're assertive. In other words, they're active people who look for reasons to get out of the house to do something productive."

"The third trait shared by people who live to be a 100 is resilience - the belief that life still has a lot more to offer... knowing there is so much more life and service ahead of you."

Thank you, thank you, John! Yes! We are energetic, spiritual beings first, physical beings second. If we have the desire to live long and prosper, giving of ourselves to life, and to be full of vitality and pleasure while we're doing it, that intention will make it so.

Plus - did you know that the fastest growing segment of the population are centagenarians, those living until one hundred? Check it out. The Census Bureau confirms it. Think about that for a moment, then think about this - if you're fifty years old, it's only half-time. You have a whole second half left to this lifetime. You can still win this Superbowl, if you change course and focus on doing what you really came here to do in this lifetime, which is what you really want to do, what you desire to do, what you would love to do. If you're younger than fifty, forget about it - you can't even know how much time and opportunity you have left.

But if you start hunkering down now, resigning yourself to a deteriorating finale to your life, and then you end up living until one hundred anyway, you're going to spend a lot of years saying "What the fuck am I doing?!" Listen, if you don't love your job, love your relationship partner, love your lifestyle - change it! Dump it! Start over. You can. It's SO not too late. Not impulsively or recklessly, or to run away from something. No. But as I say often, quoting my favorite "THE JOY OF QUITTING ARTICLE," staying in a bad situation compulsively is as futile as leaving a good situation compulsively.

Hey. You do get a do-over in life, see, but not the do-over so many are looking for - of childhood. No, you get to start over in the same lifetime, but this time as an adult, with all the powers and wisdom and experience that comes with maturity.

Amazing, isn't it?

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