Amazing how the jingoistic crowd of right-wingers who whole-heartedly (and empty-headedly) supported one of the most ignorant, incompetent and corrupt administrations in U.S. history, during the Cretaceous Era between 2000 and 2008, as if being a Republican was their patriotic calling card, are now claiming to be... Libertarians!


Like the character created by Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live, "The Pathological Liar," whose signature line was "YEEEAAAH, THAT'S THE TICKET!", these mortified and mortifying hypocrites now claim they were betrayed by the Fake Cowboy and Darth Vadar who they blindly pledged their undying loyalty to for 8 years, while 4,000 of our children were actually dying in their fake war.

"Yeah, we was betrayed... that's the ticket!"

Suddenly, these drooling, clueless children are lost in the wingnut wilderness without their soulless leaders. So, these new "former Republicans" are imagining that they're reincarnated pioneers in coonskin hats tracking down "Injuns," this time masquerading as Liberal savages, or maybe in their delusions, they're Confederate Soldiers in old Dixie fighting for their states rights to enslave other human beings to preserve "their way of life."
That's the really pathetic part. Every single "birther" cretin is the descendent of an immigrant, but yet they cry crocodile tears about how "their country is being taken away from them," presumably by the descendent of a renegade slave now in the White House.

Sorry, folks, but your desperate attempts at independence, now, are easily exposed by your trying to block real democracy and progress in our country by screaming inane screeds at town hall meetings or hanging tea bags off off your straw hats, when you don't have a clue about what's really going on in the halls of power in our country. And crying that the democrats have fucked up, too, isn't really a position, is it kids? No. It's just what kids say when they've been caught being mean, selfish or stupid.

"He did it, too!"


Nice try!

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