Here's Casey:

"I appreciate your comments ("STRIPPING DOWN STRIPPING") and overall perspective on stripping. Strip club customers are immature. Emotionally/spiritually healthy men should find strip clubs to be boring and sad. Unfortunately the uhealthy male masses have a craving to fill and the uneducated and oppressed female masses have financial needs to fill. As well as a certain amount of emotional problems to address because it's true that few strippers do it JUST for the money.

I know this because I've been one for 13 years. I'm a recovered addict, with less than one year of college (24 yrs ago), attempting to get a writing career off the ground and I need a job with very flexible hours and a decent income in order to do it. Stripping is the only job available to me that fulfills these needs at this point in my life. However that's not why I first started doing it.

I first started stripping (at 18, 24 yrs ago) mostly for the money but also propelled, in part, by my emotional/sexual baggage, issues I've yet to fully heal (though I've come a long way, baby).

Anyway, I blog about it at www.MyDancerDiary.com if you're interested. And I happen to stumble on your blog today and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Just wanted you to know that some of the approx 250,000 exotic entertainers in this country do agree with your points, while also continuing to work at one of the best (of the very few) viable jobs available to us."

Here's PL:

Thank you, CD, for a candid and very lucid response to my post. I appreciate what you wrote so much that I am hesitant to counter any of it, so I will mainly say just this: that combing what you call the "cravings of the unhealthy male masses" with the material needs of "the uneducated and oppressed female masses" is a recipe for mutual exploitation, and so cannot be "one of the best, viable jobs" for said female masses. There is a paradigm, a belief system at work underneath this apparent dilemma that if it could be uncovered and challenged would change the outer reality.

I look forward to reading your blog, Casey, and thanks again!


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