DADLOFF responds to two posts by PL (linked below):

State Labor Dept. Finds Park Slope Restaurants Underpaid Workers


TODAY'S QUOTE! by Bob Cesca

Now, here's DL's responses:

"Where have you been lately? I don't think I know of too many places where you can eat these days that don't have many illegal aliens working for below wages. Be it Park Slope, Manhattan, Westchester or here in upstate New York where some of the 11 to 13 million illegals work below wages and for cash as well. And by the way, what do you mean by 'coolie labor?'
Next item: What kind of inherent talent does Obama have for leadership? He may have natural intelligence but not any notable skills or experience to be leader of this country. He is probably winging it and depending on the people around him to guide him along. That to me is troublesome. The reason he got elected is because people didn't want to elect another republican. Any democrat that ran could have won this time around."


So, DL, are you saying that because the exploitation of non-citizens occurs in a lot of places in New York, I should give Park Slope, a very wealthy community, a break? Or are you implying that it is somehow the fault of said non-citizens willing to be exploited that we have this exploitation? I'm confused. And what I mean by "coolie labor" is what coolie labor is defined as - a system of indentured servitude, just above outright slavery.

Regarding Obama versus Sarah Palin, are you suggesting, DL, that "natural intelligence" is a throw-away asset when it comes to leadership? Until Obama's election, we hadn't had any intelligence of any kind in the White House yet in the 21st century. While you may disagree with some of Obama's policies, I hope you at least would agree that intelligence is a bottom-line prerequisite, unlike the Republican Party of the 21st Century which seems to believe that intelligence and education make you an "elite," while macho bluster, superstition, homophobia, racism, sexism and xenophobia make you their kind of leader.

And are you actually basing your point of view on a belief that President Obama is, in your words, "probably winging it?!" Our last president was most certainly winging it, and as Sarah "Wilma Flintstone" Palin might say - "You betcha the people didn't want to elect another Republican!"

What are you saying, Dadloff?

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