HERE'S a must read by Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks from their recent book, THE BiG LEAP.

This is a very, very important subject for people who have done some significant work on themselves, but are resisting taking that leap of faith into a new life. A few days ago in my post, JUMP INTO YOUR NEXT LIFE, I likened this syndrome to having the winning lottery ticket but refusing to cash it in. I am really glad to see this written about.

Here's an excerpt:

"What Is The Upper Limit Problem? The ULP is the human tendency to put the brakes on our positive energy when we've exceeded our unconscious thermostat setting for how good we can feel, how successful we can be, and how much love we can feel. The essential move we all need to master is learning to handle more positive energy, success and love. Instead of focusing on the past, we need to increase our tolerance for things going well in our lives right now. If we don't learn how to do this, we suffer in every area of our lives."

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