I've of course written before on the rampant damage that sexual repression causes. Here's another example from this week's news...

In a piece on The Daily Beast last week, entitled "Leave 'Sexters' Alone!" Conor Friedersdorf writes that "stories that begin with 'sexting' become tragic all too frequently only when principals, police officers, or district attorneys get involved. In most cases, teens who conceal their sexting from authority figures suffer negligible adverse consequences; they're hardly the first generation to play 'I'll show you mine,' and even Verizon's 3G network cannot yet transmit sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy."

Exactly! How sadly often is it that suppressed, repressed and oppressive adults inflict their own festered ire from a sex-life gone dead on their kids who might actually think their sexuality is a cause for exploration and celebration.

Here's more from Conor's article:

"The two known suicides attributed to 'sexting' actually resulted from adults who exacerbated, rather than stopped, the abhorrent 'slut-shaming' that peers callously directed at girls whose naked photos were spread around school; and authority figures in at least six states charge less troubled teens who send naked pictures of themselves with distributing child pornography! Yes, it is possible to be charged with distribution of child pornography for sending out a photograph of yourself—and to be charged with possessing it when a naked photo sent by your high-school girlfriend is stored on your cellphone. Should technology ever permit humans to download our brains' mental images to a hard drive, every last teenager in America will wind up prohibited from living within 10,000 feet of themselves!"

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