I have written many posts on this blog and posted many articles by others here as well on the very serious damage that sexual repression does, individually and to our societies. And you know what? Most people don't get it. Most people still think that a vibrant sex life is a luxury, like playing tennis or watching a football game on Sunday. But it isn't. Our sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces within all of us, and when that energy is distorted or blocked as it is in so many individuals, the results are disastrous, whether in the causation of personal disease or social ills.

HERE is yet another headline about somebody who was sexually repressed trying to blow people up:
Terror Suspect's Web Posts Reveal Desire For 'Great Jihad,' Shame About Sex.

"The Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, accused in the Christmas day attack on a U.S. airliner, reflects on a blog about a growing alienation from his family, his shame over sexual urges and his hopes that a "great jihad" will take place across the world."

Come on, folks! This problem isn't going to go away. Violence, fanaticism, paranoia, maniacal repression of others, Republicans, these illnesses won't be contained by anyone's military or police force, or by any protest movements, anymore than an adolescent's sexual feelings can be successfully contained by threatening or inane pseudo-religious dogma or preposterous, Flintstonian policies like "abstinence only."

Work on yourself, people! Help your children free themselves. This is only going to change one person at a time. If you have been ignoring or neglecting or minimizing your sex life, do the world and yourself and your children a favor and get on it! Make a New Year's resolution that will really mean something.

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