Finally saw the movie "FROST-NIXON" last week.


Aside from the really taut performance by Frank Langella that expertly demonstrated the paranoid, grandiose, roiling disturbance that riddled Richard Nixon, what Frost-Nixon really showed me was how things have really changed in the world of politics and the media, and of course, therefore, in the collective consciousness, in the last forty years.

Nixon's criminal behavior - illegal secret bombings, trying to steal an election, etc., these things are now commonplace activities for White House inhabitants. Think about it. The Supreme Court condoned a stolen election in 2000, and gave carte blanche to corporations to steal elections in 2010, and just this week, the Justice Department gave carte blanche to officials committing the war crime of torture.

And the media?! Forget it! Can anyone think of a journalist for a major news organization who would do the investigative work of a Woodward and Bernstein or a James Reston, and receive the support of their bosses, despite the complaints and threats from politicians? Today, we get our most penetrating looks at the malfeasance in our government from comedy shows like Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" or Steven Colbert's "The Colbert Report." Matt Taibbi is the closest thing we have to a real investigative journalist out there, and he works for Rolling Stone Magazine, not the New York Times.

So, what gives? Where are we heading?

Well, let me go pretty far out there. Where we're heading is to a place where the very notion of having someone "governing" us is obsolete.

Now, I understand, that seems to fly in the face of the obvious need for corrupt corporations and banks to be regulated (and if you read this blog, you know I love Elizabeth Warren on this subject), and it seems to contradict the clear need for Baby Souls and Young Souls to have limits set on them for the common good. Yes, it is odd on the surface for me to be saying that our current system of government needs to go. [And PLEASE, don't mistakenly think I'm joining the Tea Partiers! By no means. The groups calling themselves Tea Partiers, who I think more aptly should call themselves "The Frontal Lobers," are Baby Souls being manipulated by Young Souls to encourage mayhem and lawlessness altogether among folks who are full of fear and hatred and don't want to govern their own base impulses.]

No, where we're heading is to a division along the lines of consciousness. To grasp the meaning of this will require some metaphysical understanding here, so any readers who can't go there can switch over to a different article at this point.

Okay, here we go -

Everything is energy and consciousness. Not just "spiritual" teachings, but physics and quantum physics have demonstrated those facts. Everything (and everyone) is made from the same vibrating sub-atomic particles and waves of energy. Anything placed under an electron microscope will show that. In other words, nothing is truly solid, and nothing is truly separate from anything else. We are all just particles and waves of energy living in a sea of particles and waves of energy. And quantum physics has demonstrated that the consciousness of an observer observing something alters the thing being observed. So, our minds determined the shape and form of the reality we encounter.

Finally, add into the mix Einstein's discoveries about the relativity of time - or as James Taylor would put it: "Time isn't really real" - and you've got something that, well, flies in the face of conventional three-dimensional thinking.

And that is my point. The Baby Souls and Young Souls - i.e. - our current crop of politicians, Teabaggers, CEO's and media folk - are locked into a three-dimensional perspective and a linear time line. So, for them, conflict, competition, secrecy, greed, hatred and separation, and ultimately, death, all make sense. They see those elements as just part of human nature and life as they know it.

To someone evolving to a fourth dimensional perspective - where all is one and where linear time is an illusion - cooperation, collaboration, openness and oneness are what makes sense. I suspect that is where many of the readers of Full Permission Living are heading, or are already in transition to.

Back to - what does it all mean?

Okay, way out there now!

It means that we are entering a phase where there will be essentially two (or more) different Earths being lived on. Parallel realities is not a new concept, of course, but in fact, it is more than a "concept." If enough people shift their consciousnesses to a fourth dimensional perspective, they will in effect create an earth to live on that will not need primitive systems of government, or money, or weapons, etc., because that level of corruption and separateness will not exist there. On the third-dimensional earth, there will continue to be war and hunger and regular catastrophes, etc., in accordance with those beliefs.

One thread that runs through everything I write on this blog, folks, is the necessity of working on yourself to shift your consciousness in accordance with who you really are and who you really want to be. I try to make it clear that this is not a luxury item or a leisure activity, like taking tennis lessons. If you are truly not fully satisfied with the life you are living, or with the way you see the collective around you living, there is only one high speed train out - do the work necessary on yourself to open up your minds and connect to your emotions. You will shift then. I see it every day in my practice. It is beautiful and amazing, but totally doable. We have free will here. You have free will. If you like, you can exercise it!

See you in the fourth dimension!!

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