This is from "THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER" last week, a piece entitled "Put Elias Koteas in your movie, now!" by one Jay A. Fernandez.

This is very exciting to me because not only is Elias a dear friend of mine, but this gifted actor is interested in starring in and directing a feature film of mine, called "THE FILE." In fact, we just had a table reading of the screenplay last week, directed by Elias, and it was exhilarating.

It is so gratifying to see the harmonious rhythm and evolution of a bright light in a fellow human being. I speak often about "generativity" - the need in a developing adult to give back to the world through the expression of one's natural soul gifts. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

Congratulations, Elias!!

Below is the piece on Elias by Fernandez, and below that is a brief scene from my screenplay, THE FILE.

Here's Fernandez:

This is decidedly random, but I’ve seen two movies recently that featured typically strong appearances by the mostly unsung Elias Koteas. I don’t know what it is, but I find this guy exhilarating to watch and wholeheartedly believe that he needs to be on screen as much as humanly possible.
So I hereby call for casting directors to bring him in on everything — comic book villains, romantic leads, action roles, miserable dramas, pornos, whatever. Get him in the movie. Do it now.
At Sundance two weeks ago, I was suffering through “The Killer Inside Me” when Koteas popped up as one of the few relatable characters — a guy who sees through the charming bullshit of Casey Affleck’s disturbed killer. He’s the kind of actor that lives so close to the skin of the character that he gives off those blurry heatwaves you see above a hot blacktop.
And then yesterday morning I was in a screening of Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” on the Paramount lot and — whoa — there’s Koteas again. It’s only one scene, and he’s in some gnarly makeup, but I was so psyched to see his probing eyes and malicious grin.
Anyway, we all know how versatile he is, how he sizzled as the seductive Vaughan in David Cronenberg’s “Crash” and as the terribly conflicted captain in Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line” and his supporting roles in Fincher’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Zodiac.”
He’s one of those rare actors — I’m thinking of Joe Morton, or David Strathairn — who classes up any movie he’s in, no matter how crappy it is or how little he’s in it.
So: Elias Koteas. Put him in your fucking movie. Please.

Here's a scene from THE FILE:


Drew is in his position on the couch. He is wearing an expensive-looking, blue 3-piece suit. Kimberly is looking a little uneasy in her chair. The little hand-held tape recorder is on. They are already into the session.

So, I don’t know. I don’t feel good about it, but I don’t feel totally bad about it either.
My work life is very stressful, even though I love what I do.
Well, I don’t know if I actually love what I do.

He hears Kimberly tapping her pen on the edge of the book.

DREW (cont’d)
You nervous or something today?

What? No. Continue.

It’s stressful, my work. I guess maybe yours is, too, huh? Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, sex is the tonic, the stress-reliever. Especially good sex for good sex’s sake. For fun, you know? No questions asked, no strings, no emotional baggage...

Why can’t you have that with a woman who isn’t a... professional?

Hey, I’d love to meet a woman naturally who feels that way about sex...


No. Lois is not the woman we’re talking about, and she’s not ever going to be. We’ve been over this.
Anyway, even if I ever did meet that woman, it’d be tricky, wouldn’t it? I’d have to know that she’d be able to maintain our confidentiality.

Kimberly fidgets nervously. He turns his head and looks at her. He notices the book and loose papers.

DREW (cont’d)
Hey, what'd'you lose my file or something?

He leans up on his elbows, sizing her up.

(trying to compose herself)
Of course not. I left it home last night. I was just reviewing your case.

I was your bedtime reading, huh?

She just smiles slightly, not taking the bait.

DREW (cont’d)
Well, I know you won’t tell me if you live with anyone, or whatever, but I hope it’s not where someone else can read it.

No. Definitely not. Don’t worry.

Don’t worry? That’s a first from you.

She just looks at him. He seems to be lost in thought for a moment.

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caseydancer said...

Oh hell yes. Put him in your movie then let me know if he needs a date to any awards ceremonies. ;)


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