This is a beauty from Steven Pressfield! People have such a hard time accepting it when I tell them that they are choosing their suffering, inviting illness and pathology, avoiding success and fulfillment. Well, here's Pressfield on the subject:

"Doctors estimate that 70 to 80 percent of their business is non-health-related. People aren't sick, they're self-dramatizing. Sometimes the hardest part of a medical job is keeping a straight face. As Jerry Seinfeld observed of his 20 years of dating: 'That's a lot of acting fascinated.' The acquisition of a condition lends significance to one's existence. An illness, a cross to bear... Some people go from condition to condition; they cure one, and another pops up to take its place.The condition becomes a work of art in itself, a shadow version of the real creative act the victim is avoiding by expending so much care cultivating his condition."
Steven Pressfield (p. 27 of The War of Art)

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