You create your reality from your beliefs.

You either get this or you don't; it's that kind of thing.

If you don't get it, you feel victimized, at least some of the time, by what seems to be life's random cruelty or unfairness. Likewise, if you don't know that you create your own reality, you may feel "lucky" or randomly "blessed" at times for the good things you've received.

If you do get it, however, the question you ask about every event or circumstance in your life is the same: "Why did I create this?"

Sounds simple, but it makes a huge difference as to how you experience your life.

Here's a useful exercise:

Pretend that your life is a screenplay that you are writing, and that you are also the director and star of the script. What every writer knows to do when creating a story is ask at every turn of events in the script:

"Why this? Why Now? How does this advance the story?"

Practice that for an hour, a day, a week, and see what happens and how you feel. You will be surprised. Realizing that you are totally and utterly responsible for the life you are creating will not feel like a burden as you might imagine it will. It is actually quite liberating.

Challenge every assumption, every belief you have, folks, that you think is "just the way it is." That is a good way to start. You will feel a bit disoriented (see my "Genuine Confusion" piece )because you will realize how wrong you've been about so many things, but it will also be a great relief.

I always thought that a title for a book I might write someday would be: "The Joy of Being Wrong!"

Try it out and let me know.

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