Today's Movie Recommendation!

I don't do this often, but when I am truly moved by a movie, I'll mention it on FPL to share the gift. I actually think that movies are important. Human beings need to tell stories to each other, need to share their experience of being human, and movies are one of the ways we do it in our times.

Anyway, last night, I was truly moved after having watched (finally!) "THE FIGHTER."


But it wasn't the movie that got me. It was a pretty predictable film in many respects, nicely done, but nothing in and of itself that will stick with me story-wise. No. It was the extraordinary performance of Christian Bale in the supporting role of a crack-addicted has-been boxer that blew me away.

This was SO not Batman, folks! Really! Bale pulled this one in from somewhere deep. Of course, he won many awards for the performance, including the Oscar, so I'm not spreading a word that isn't already out there. I just rarely see an actor so nail a role, create a character so compelling that it elevates even a mediocre film to amazing heights.

Check out The Fighter!

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