There was an old tree... in front of our home in Brooklyn which we've come to refer to as "The Vortex." It was a very big tree, and very old, and no matter what we tried, every so often its roots would get into our plumbing system and cause havoc. We didn't want to kill the tree, but we meditated and asked it if it might stop infiltrating our pipes.

Well, during the hurricane this weekend, the tree complied, choosing the occasion of the storm to leave its long lifetime on Earth as a tree. It fell over, broke in half and was completed uprooted, miraculously landing in such a way as to not damage anyone or anyone's property.

This event occurred while we were at a spiritual retreat in Norwalk, Conn., sequestered from the storm with the channeler, Darryl Ankar, who channels the very powerful "Bashar." Bashar spoke to me about the synchronicity of the event, implying that it was possible to collaborate on other events in the same way that we collaborated with the tree towards whatever ends we desired in our lives, if we were ready to "clear the pipes [channels]."

The Vortex is open for business, folks! Focus your positive intentions, let go of resistance, let go of fear and petty concerns and ride The Wave!

Thank you, Good Old Tree!

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