THIS excerpt is from a piece entitled "Sex After 50: Surprising Findings About Sex in Midlife," in the Huffington Post:

"Post 50 singles want sex, and they want it often. Given that people over 50 are the biggest growing group in online dating and the most likely to use match-making sites, it's no surprise that sex is on their minds. In fact, a new survey by dating site found that 97 percent of midlifers consider regular sex important for their romantic relationships. And single post 50s aren't seeking sheet action every now and then -- 65 percent of those surveyed want it two to three times a week.

Of course, single boomers aren't the only ones getting down. In fact, this week on "The Today Show," Dr. Pepper Schwartz - AARP's sex and relationship ambassador - revealed that married people have the most sex. And guess who's loving sex more later in life? Women.

You go girls!

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