As soon as I read this piece, I knew I was going to post a link to it on the FPL blog without delay. Written by a distraught mother, one Pauline Gaines, her tale, entitled simply but stunningly, "Why I'm Glad I Gave My Ex Custody Of Our Son," is a lesson for every parent or prospective parent.

Your kids know the truth!

Whether you ever speak it out loud, whether you hide it even from yourself, your kids know the truth.

Folks, if you are or plan to become a parent, play the long game. By that I mean don't go for the short-term ego gains of trying to please your kids. Parenting is a job. They're not, nor do they need to be your friends. The love part is there, built in by your Higher Self, so trust that and just do your job!

And while we're at it, don't make your kids a source of supply for your unmet needs from your childhood. That's not their job. Don't live vicariously through their achievements, nor feel defeated by their failures. Let them evolve. They have souls, just like everybody else.

In the end, playing the long game paid off for Pauline and her son. It can for you, too.

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