"Why Whitney?"

Many people ask.

They ask because she was a great talent and her music enthralled millions around the world. She had a gift, and it feels like that gift was taken away ruthlessly.

Folks, I am not at all being insensitive here, but yes, talent is a gift, but that is all. It is an open window into the soul, into our Higher Self, but it does not provide an end run around the aspects of ourselves that need to be healed. Talent is not a cure. And yes, The Wave, that surge of energy that has been knocking people off the planet at an accelerated rate over the last two years, is ruthless!

But it is ruthless in both directions. During these last two years, many people have been healing and becoming more self-actualized faster and more powerfully than ever, just as others, steadfast in their resistance and illusions have been met with severe crisis more dramatically. (And rest assured, if you don't want to heal, the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance industry cabal is on your side!) And basically right now, there is no middle ground, no "neutral" to shift into

This isn't being done to us, though. We have called this energy forth for the transistions we want to make collectively and individually right now.

The Wave is upon us because we've asked it to be. As I've said many times before, you can get on your surfboard of self-work and enjoy the ride, or you can get slammed, but those are the only two choices.
You decide. We all do.

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