Yep. That most intransigent of states so rampant in our culture for the last 30-40 years, narcissism, may not just be bad for your social life; it may also hamper your health. That's what a piece in the Huffington Post said few weeks ago.

A new study, entitled "Expensive Egos: Narcissistic Males Have Higher Cortisol," published in a scientific journal, PLoS One, suggests that individuals with certain narcissistic personality traits may have elevated levels of cortisol - the primary stress hormone - putting them at greater risk for longterm health problems, particularly cardiovascular events.

Dr. Patrick Kelly, director of consultation liaison service and pediatric psychosomatic medicine at Johns Hopkins says, "It gives a biological correlation to a psychiatric phenomenon. There is a mind body connection. There are real physical ramifications to your mental state, particularly if you have something like a personality disorder, which can be treated."


You can read more on the subject on FPL HERE and HERE and HERE.

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