Well-known psychologist, Irving Kirsch, P.h.D, featured on "60 Minutes" earlier this year, wrote an important book entitled "Antidepressants: The Emperor's New Drugs?"

I've written about this subject (HERE and HERE), taught about it, and even featured it in the first of my podcasts, "CREATING REALITY," on the right side of the FPL blog.

Why so much attention? Because what the placebo effect demonstrates irrefutably, and even doctors acknowledge the existence of it, is that our beliefs create our reality.

Our beliefs create our reality!

This lays so much bare in our daily living and in our social structure, doesn't it? It mean that first and foremost, to lead happier healthier lives, we should be working to uncover and address our inner beliefs. In other words, a full spectrum self-work process that helps do that would work wonders for our well-being, yet, mainstream medicine, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies not only ignore the evidence, they eschew it, hide it, because... in their current paradigm... it's not profitable!

But it could be. Psychiatrists and other medical professionals could retool and learn how to work with patients inner lives, and have greater success. Oh, but wait, that would require that said practitioners do some serious self-work on their own inner lives, and that's no where near as gratifying (for the ego of a psychopathic character structure) as writing a prescription for drugs.


Well, that leaves you, then, dear FPL readers - you have to take charge of your own healing and seek out the guidance you need to uncover your beliefs, connect to your feelings and go on to have a great life. It's actually not just easier than taking drugs, but it actually works.

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lizzy said...

it's the truth. Ever read up on Neuroplasticity? You can change the brain, helping yourself find true happiness & positivity without the chemicals.


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