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Hi PL,
I continue to love following FPL. You've remarked how you don't focus as much on your blog on 3-D concerns - politics, ego-based structures, social conflicts, and the thrashings of the baby souls - as of late, and how you don't feel as reactive to such things as you once did. But I was curious if you have any thoughts, or would post anything, on the upcoming U.S. election? I've been viewing political processes and elections as less and less about actual policy issues and more as check-ins on where the collective consciousness of our society is at a given point in time. (Essentially, I'm see elections as a 3D vital sign on our collective 4-D health).
4 Years Ago, was the first time I felt the first inklings of what you call "The Wave," and it came from, of all people, the Millennials. Michael Moore remarked this week how, in 2008 Obama lost every age bracket to McCain except for the 18-29 year old demographic that overwhelmingly voted for him in record numbers - as did the Latino and African-American communities. Moreover, had it not been for the 18-29 year old age group, Hilary Clinton (no offense to her) would have been the 2008 democratic presidential nominee and not this somewhat obscure, unproven candidate. Obama is a Millennial/Gen Y candidate and the success of his campaign was a manifestation of that inner-movement among American youth. So, yes, go ahead and continue to bash my fellow Millennials - the narcissistic, pampered, Park-Slopish generation you write so much about, but maybe 2008 was the first time we ever felt, really felt enthusiasm for something larger than ourselves and our own ego gratification. That belief in 'hope' over 'fear' was palpable to many. That this surge of youthful energy was overly-idealistic and not grounded in reality explains the disappointed that the Gen Y's had in Obama post campaign (Shockingly to us, Obama the messiah turned out to be an actual politician once elected.) But, what can't be discounted is how an entire generation, raised on 1990s uber-consumerism and told how special they were by helicopter parents, connected to a deep transpersonal collective energy in 2008. 

2012, I'm curious. Where is that 2008 campaign energy now? Obama might be liked by a large section of the populace, but he has clearly lost his messianic halo. Alternatively, the intense, ungrounded hatred for the man remains strong on the right. Was Obama not able to overcome his rigid character structure? Is the 2008 campaign's surge of energy without follow-through a sign of Gen Y's fickleness? Or has that energy found more appropriate outlets - people and groups that vibrate to a higher frequency than politicians and egoistic institutions? If so, when can we expect the 3-D realm of politics to catch up with quiet shifts in consciousness that are happening daily?
Those are my thoughts. (Once again, I gave a rant disguised as a question!) I'd be interested to hear some of yours.

Here's PL:

Thanks for writing in, A2P, and for bringing up the subject of the upcoming election. It's true that I've been writing about things not political mainly these days, but I have been keeping my eye on 3D during that time.

Things are shifting. In fact, the reason our so-called political discourse has become so dramatically divided is because The Wave has created a time of acceleration and choice for everyone. There are no longer any neutral positions, as such. Right now, everyone's going one of three ways... and fast!

People are either riding the wave into 4th Dimensional consciousness, expanding, making connections, discovering who and what they really are, and that they do indeed create their own reality, or they are hunkering down, trying to hold onto 3D beliefs and behaviors and getting slammed hard in the process, or they are simply leaving the planet altogether through timely or untimely deaths, as such.

Politics is 3D. There really isn't a 4D version of politics. As we shift and raise our vibration, the dualistic ideas of separation will fall away, and so governing will give way to guidance, and leadership will not exercise power over humanity, but power for humanity.

President Obama is part of that shift, which began in earnest with his election. He vibrates at what you can consider a higher level for 3D, and is indeed being carried by the younger generations you mentioned. They are infusing him with some positive energy, for sure. But enlightened Mr. Obama is not. At least not yet.

Stay tuned, A2, it's going to be an amazing few months as we wind up 2012!

Thanks again for staying with Full Permission Living!


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