This headline was in the news today:  "U.S. Deaths Surpass 2.5 Million For The First Time."

Not coincidentally (because there are no coincidences), I'd been expecting that headline, was just wondering yesterday, in fact, if there were any stats on the subject. And there it was this morning. Yes, people are dropping like flies these days. Every week, I hear another story of someone who's suddenly left the planet or developed some fatal, or near-fatal disease, or had some calamity occur.

The Wave that I've been writing about regularly for the last two years is in full force and still accelerating as we head down the home stretch of 2012. What is The Wave? It is the surge of energy that has been sweeping change across the planet more and more, brought about by a collective intention that has been in place for quite a long time, as we think of it, to make the great transition (as the Pathwork Guide lecture refers to it HERE) from a 3rd dimensional level of consciousness to 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness.

In other words, from the deeper levels of our being, we have all agreed to change the "game" we've been playing for much of what we think of as our history, and now play a new game, one in which we awaken more fully to who and what we really are. In this game, we become conscious creators of our reality, rather than the unconscious creators we've been up until now.

What determines the ways in which one experiences the Wave is directly proportional to the level of openness to change and movement in each person. Where the Wave is meeting a closed system, it's taking its toll through hardships, generally. Where the Wave is experienced as a welcomed shift by the individual, abundance, vibrance in the body, higher love and creative expression are generally the rule. We can think of these two different places in dimensional terms. At the 3rd dimensional vibration, where ego, will and intellect rule, the political and financial systems are rife with corruption and collapsing out from under us, the environment is getting wantonly assaulted beyond repair, nature feels dangerous to our well-being, and competition, greed and violence are taken as endemic to being human. In the Third Dimension, shit happens. And it happens to you!

In the Fourth Dimension, shit never just happens. All "coincidences" are meaningful. Serendipity, deja vu, intuitions, one's sixth sense, are all understood as natural aspects of creativity and of creating reality. In fourth dimensional consciousness, all events are addressed by asking the same questions: "Why did I create this?" "Why did I attract this?" "What message is coming to me through these events" Is this what I prefer and choose to create? In Fourth Dimension reality, there are no victims, only creators, and instead of competition, greed and violence, there is collaboration, abundance and oneness.

So, back to the lead story on this post, why all these deaths? Well, because we are all one, because we operate both individually and collectively, and collectively, we've agreed to make this change, those who are not prepared or not willing to make the shift at this time while still here on planet Earth in physical form have chosen to leave. Or go into serious crisis mode.

This particular moment "in time" represents the opening of a significant window in our continuum, a moment when there is a great deal of energy available to make the transition. But the 2012 train is heading out of the station, and it will not be as "easy" to catch The Wave soon. Can you eventually catch another train? Absolutely. Ultimately, every being must evolve and continue to raise their vibrational frequencies on their way to full conscious oneness. Everyone "makes it," in other words. But how and when is always up to us.

All aboard!! 

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