"K" wrote in with this account of her Wave experience:

"Was sobbing in the bath yesterday and started channeling clear information: the grief releasing from my system is like using my breath when when I stretch my physical muscles (When I do this, I allow the breath and gravity to bring my body closer to the ground and as a result, the muscle stretches.). The channeled information said to use the tears like the breath, and release the tension from my psyche and subtle body. And to be careful not to attach the grief to the present, or I will miss the gift of the present. 
Passing this on."


The part about "not attaching the grief to the present" is quite important. For many people working on themselves, The Wave is helping to bring up and flush out old sorrow and emotional pain that we've been carrying around for years, decades, even lifetimes, but it's easy to confuse this outpouring by thinking that maybe there's something "bad" happening in the present.
Thank you for this personal revelation, K. 

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