Ugh! I know this is a hard one, folks. I know.

Children are so close to our hearts as human beings, and so close to spirit as beings themselves. The images of those 20 kids being murdered so wantonly in their schoolroom is very, very hard for our 3D minds to wrap around, and even harder for our emotional bodies to tolerate without feeling overwhelmed.

This is the time we are living in, a time of great transition, a time of dividing up along vibrational lines, some of us hunkering down into 3D for another 1,000-year round or so of dualistic, linear conflict and strife, right and wrong, good and evil, etc., others among us shifting up to 5D, and a "golden age" of unity and harmony, the "Age of Aquarius" as it's been called by some. (4D, by the way, is just a transitional dimension, vibrationally speaking, not a resting place.)

To understand that those children "volunteered" at the soul level to participate in this drama to further accelerate our transition to a new level of consciousness, that even the killer himself was a participant, doing a heinous job for that purpose, challenges us to greatly expand our understanding of the nature of the Universe that exists within us and around us.

You cannot grasp the totality of this with a political, social or psychological perspective. This is not just about the need for gun control policies, saner institutions or better treatment of psychosis. This is an event that only a spiritual perspective can encompass and integrate fully. Only when you know that All That Is is all that is can you resonate to the message, to the purpose of something so painful, in the same way that only a spiritual understanding can understand any so-called tragedy or disaster.

The fast track to higher consciousness, which is what we are on right now, requires an intense level of clearing and clarifying, of seeing ourselves for who we really are, of being ourselves as who we really are, and the first step towards that effort is seeing ourselves for who we no longer wish to be, who we really are not.

We are not liberals or conservatives, Christians or Muslims, white or black, etc., etc. We are not even men or women, adults or children in the truest sense. We are all each other; we are all one and one with all. The illusion of separation coming to an end is very much what this great transition is about right now. The pain that we feel over the killings of the children in Sandy Hook is only possible because we are connected to our oneness with them. And yet, the solace that we can also feel is in that oneness, as well, because through that connection, we can know that no one, no thing, ever "dies," as in ceases to exist. No one ceases to be. Only form changes, and in fact is always changing, and always in the direction of even greater connection to All That Is.

And as I've written here several times, everyone "makes it" back to Source. When I write about The Wave and the possibility of missing The Train to 4D, etc., it is not to imply that some will be left behind against their will, or left behind at all in any permanent way. It is meant to remind those who have decided to transition at this time that the time is here. The Wave, even when it appears in such a seemingly harsh form as a natural disaster or a man-made calamity, is here to help us accelerate to where we desire ultimately to go.

We will see the children of Sandy Hook again. And they can see us now. They are scouts, path clearers for us, as many of us are for others. Being yourself as fully as possible is all that's required to realize this truth. Pursuing whatever brings you joy and allows unconditional love to flow through you is all that's required to live in a world that supports peace and harmony.

And yes, yet, in order to clear the inner channels, we must experience grief.

This is a favorite little parable of mine. I don't know from where it originates, but I share it with you:

"One day, a wise teacher is with his disciples. The teacher's son has just died and he is overcome with grief. His disciples don't know what to think. For years, the teacher has been teaching them that life is an illusion, and yet, here they are faced with his grief at losing his son. Eventually one of them asks: 'Teacher, haven't you taught us that everything is an illusion? Why then do you grieve in this way for your son?' The teacher replies: 'It is true, everything here is an illusion, and the death of one's child is the most painful illusion of all."


Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful and cohesive piece I have read about this event. Thank you for, once again, putting things in perspective for us.

Anonymous said...

Garbage. I hope the victims' families never see this. They will NOT see their children again. Their children were not volunteers in your ridiculous, make-believe saga.


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