Well, here it is:

The 2012 Winter Solstice.

Focused on by so many for so long, the day has finally come, arriving with the sun moving into its lowest position in our region at 6:12 AM this morning.

So, how are you doing? How are you enjoying the end of the world, which some believed was the predictive significance of the Mayan Calendar supposedly ending on this date? Worried? Excited? Not impressed one way or another?

Well, of course, the world, as in Planet Earth, isn't ending today nor in any foreseeable future, but... the world as we know it is definitely ending, or more accurately... shifting. It has been for a while. I've called the energy of this shift "The Wave," and it has definitely been effecting people's lives at an accelerated rate as we've come down to the end of 2012. Anxiety, depression, frustration, along with deaths, disasters, tragedies and relationship turmoil... this time of year has always been the "high season" in the therapy business, but this year, it's been off the charts. Likewise, people are feeling a sense of excitement, promise, expansion and an inner peacefulness in increasing doses as well. That, too, is part of The Wave.

Collectively, there is a great acceleration going on as well. The superstorms before election day in November seemed to almost deliberately help Barack Obama get re-elected, while the tragedy in Connecticut this past week seems to be waking up the country to the retrogressive 3D beliefs that needed to be jettisoned quickly as we head into 4-and-5D. I watched in awe on TV this week as people literally handed in their guns by the thousands and politicians of both parties were acknowledging the need for more serious gun control and more serious attention to the mental health needs of our population.

But the end of the world as we know it is even bigger, much bigger, than changing laws and policies, bigger even than changing people's minds and attitudes on certain social and interpersonal issues, bigger than tidal waves, hurricanes and earthquakes, which have also been on the rise.

The real change now lies in the way we will be consciously operating in the "new world." Here's what to look for:

 - Creating our reality consciously, and without the constraints of linear time, will be accepted as commonplace. Being able to get from A to Z without having to go through the whole alphabet, getting from here to there without all of the stop signs, detours and switchbacks in between will be easily accomplished.
 - Notions like "serendipity" and "coincidence" will seem like old superstitious ways of thinking, as those concepts and what we once thought of as "miracles" will now merely be understood as the result of nature unimpeded.
 - Healing of illness and injury will become more spontaneous and organic, effected through directing consciousness and the forces of nature, rather than by relying on the invasive slash, burn and drug technologies of 3D.
 - The future and the past will be understood as creations in the present, and as such, ruminating about the past and worrying about the future will dissipate in our emotional states.
 - Death will become clearly understood as an archaic illusion of the 3D linear game of limitation, and ultimately, death itself will simply become obsolete as an experience.
 - Abundance will be a given. We will no longer live in a consciousness of "need" and "greed," two sides of the same Oral Character Structure coin. While money may still continue to exist for a while as a means of exchange, it will become perfectly clear that material abundance and abundance in all areas is our birthright and merely the nature of existence.

Perhaps in another conversation, we can address the notion of there being many Earths with many versions of ourselves living on them, but let us at least say this, that not everyone you know, and not everything you "have" in your current life on your current Earth will be with you much longer. Some will, or already have, left the planet, and some will dig into their 3D attachments, even as the tide of 4D makes their lives more and more difficult. And while it may still seem to you that there is a continuity to the changes in your life - from people leaving your sphere because they have died or moved locales or broken off ties with you, etc. - as we continue this acceleration, you will experience certain disappearances and appearances happening more rapidly and suddenly, without the typical transitions (Read the FPl post: "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO..." HERE).

Not to worry. You will adjust to this. Just as the take-off of an airplane, at a speed of 100 to 150 miles an hour, seems really fast, but the cruising speed of 500 miles an hour at 35,000 feet seems like you're hardly moving, so too, will you get used to zipping through your life - without aging as you think of it - at warp speed, with a graceful calm and comfort.

Here we go, folks! It's the end of the world as we knew it... and we are all gonna feel really fine!

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