SPACED OUT? TIRED? LOST? IT'S THE WAVE! (Try Jeni's "Brown Butter Almond Brittle" Ice Cream!)

I've never witnessed anything quite like it, folks. Person after person - those I work with in my therapy practice, and other friends and family - day after day telling me how spaced out, tired and lost they've been feeling lately. 

"All I want to do is sleep... and I can never get enough sleep." 

"I can't find any enthusiasm or excitement about anything I'm doing... and I'm not doing anything."

"I'm broke. No money or work is coming in... and by the way, I'm not actively looking for any work anyway."

"What gives, PL? Is this my 2012? Is this The Wave?!"

Well... yes... but take heart. The tide is coming back in, and with it another surge, though keep in mind, for many people in our collective right now, "high tide" and "surge" are not welcome words.

As I've been writing and saying for a while, The Wave is having three effects on people, depending on various factors. 

If you've been hunkering down, holding on against change in your life, digging into 3D ideas and beliefs, like dualism and limitation, and holding onto emotions like fear - you're continuing on in a struggling, battling, crisis-ridden way of life, in which obstacles, barriers and adversaries continue to plague your daily existence. 

On the other hand, if your statement is that you don't want to make the shift to 4D yet, but you don't want to suffer here on Earth anymore either, you're leaving the planet altogether. As FPL readers may recall, I posted the statistic a few weeks ago that more people died last year in the U.S. than in any year since we've been keeping the statistic

Finally, if you're embracing the challenge of inner change, doing the self-work necessary to open your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual channels, stepping into what feels like "the unknown" and moving forward into 4D where you create your reality consciously in accordance with your highest excitement, you're most likely not "dying" or experiencing any "disasters."

BUT... you are feeling spaced out, tired and lost, even though you are simultaneously feeling more like your true self than ever before. This is to be expected. 

Moving forward in our evolution in the way we are doing during this moment in time requires a level of "emptying out," of personal, internal "house cleaning," that is rare. This period is similar to the Black Plague of the 14th Century, a major Wave in itself, when 60% of the Earth's population left the planet in a matter of a few years, while the rest of humanity divided up and either hunkered down and held onto primitive, superstitious beliefs and old ways of living from the Dark Ages, or went on to begin The Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment. 

A perfect metaphor came to me recently from a friend describing the damage done to homes on Fire Island by the superstorms of last month. The houses that were built firmly on the sand, presenting solid walls to the ocean, were knocked over by the storm surge and for the most part destroyed. The Wave, literally, slammed right into them. The houses that were built on "stilts," however, were spared from destruction because the surges of powerful waves moved through the open space. 

This is how it's working in all of our lives right now. Closed, walled up inner lives? Slam! Open, elevated consciousnesses? Whew!

But listen everyone - we are all part of the collective of humanity. We are all one, all connected. So, this moment is exhausting for all of us, regardless of how you're receiving the changes. Over and over I keep receiving the message from "Higher Sources" that this is not a time for major outer action, not a time of "doing." It is a time for developing trust, faith in your Higher Self, in your path. As with every storm, you must wait until it passes before venturing out. I believe this is what the parable of Passover was about when that Wave of 1441 B.C. struck in Egypt.

So, relax. If you have been doing the self-work necessary, you've built your beach house on stilts. As much as possible, rest,  and do whatever gives you pleasure in the moment. There's this new ice cream out - "Jeni's" and their "Brown Butter Almond Brittle" flavor is an outstanding way to ride out the storm!

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