I've been lately telling people this simple thing:

"You have to practice!"

Practice what?

The New Rules of 5D (Murphy's Law Is Reversed; You Create Your Reality Now Directly From Your Higher Self; Time Isn't Real; The Past Is No Longer Prologue).

I've been saying that no desire is too small or trivial to practice on, especially since we may still have fear and judgments about easily receiving the bigger things. (Fear of getting what we want?! Yes. Read the various 2013 posts.)

So, yesterday, I parked in front of store for a moment, ran in without getting one of those ridiculous print-outs from one of those ridiculous machines that have replaced parking meters to put in my windshield. In literally less than a minute, I saw a NYC cop there with her electronic parking ticket-giving gear in full gear. - apparently. My old 3D impulse was to run out in a panic trying to head her off before the electronic pen was put to summons. This time, though, I just stayed calm, took a breath, finished paying for what I bought in the store and simply said this invocation:

"I now shift to a line of reality where I won't have to pay a parking fine."

I walked over to the policewoman, who now had a puzzled look on her face.

"Ohhh..." I calmly said. "Can you give me a break?"

She looked at her windshield reading device, which apparently had temporarily malfunctioned, then at me and said:

"I already started... but the time hasn't gone in yet. Go get one of those print-outs and send it in with the ticket and you won't have to pay."

We smiled at each other. The person giving me a ticket was telling me what to do in order to not have to pay!

That's it. End of story.

Here's the deal, folks. To the Universe, that infinite reality creating factory within us that we are within, makes no distinction between "big" things and "little" things, because those distinctions are only in our system of judgments. $5 or $5 million is all the same to the Universe, but in our conditioned mind there is a difference.

So, while you're getting ready to bring the big things into your life, practice on the small things... until you really get used to the idea of always having your way.

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