My 11 year old step daughter was sitting with me a few nights ago, while I checked into the cable news coverage of the Boston bomber chase.

"What is this?" She asked. "Bombs, guns, fires, killing. It's so crazy."

I looked at her, concerned at first that maybe I shouldn't have exposed her to the mayhem being acted out by those still stuck in 3D reality. But then, I trusted the wisdom of the mature soul inhabiting her young mind.

"That's not our reality, dear, though it is some people's. As a therapist who advises people on certain things, I find it somewhat helpful to keep track of what's going on in other people's realities."

She showed understanding, and a slight consternation. "Are any of my friends in that reality?"

I answered. "I don't know. It depends on each person's Higher Self, and each person's choice."

She was accepting of that.

Okay, I'm going straight for some 5D understandings in this post, folks, so if you're invested in holding onto linear, 3rd Dimensional ideas like victimhood and limitation, go no further.

Reality is created, individually and collectively, in each moment. That creative process only appears to have a sequence to it because we create realities in each moment that are very, very similar to one another, with just enough variation to give the experience of movement through time. And while we in a particular collective may agree to abide by certain "rules of the game" in the creative process - like gravity, the solidness of matter, the passage of time, etc. - said rules of physicality are by no means absolute, and in fact, since shifting to 5th Dimensional consciousness, those rules can more readily be bent, broken or otherwise played with.

In addition, there are infinite "lines of reality" that can be created as we connect our moments in an apparent sequence of events based on what we choose to experience. And more than we ever could in 3D, we now can choose our lines consciously, meaning with conscious intention.

So, as a simple example, there is a line of reality in which you turn left and find the perfect parking spot. Another line of reality where you can't find a spot anywhere. Another line where your car won't start. Another where you don't even own a car or know how to drive. (See my post: "WHAT TO DO WITH A PARKING TICKET IN 5D."

Get it? 

We have always created and chosen lines of reality, of course, and we always are doing so... and always will. The difference is, in 3D, if we found the perfect parking spot, we considered it "luck." In 5D, however, you can say to yourself - "I now choose a line of reality where I can easily find a safe, convenient spot for my car" - and pull right in!

Likewise, you can choose, and many of us did, to be in a line of reality in which two disturbed young men set off bombs in a crowd, severely injuring or killing many people. And in one line, you're right there, maybe one of the injured, or maybe observing it from across the street. Or merely observing it on a TV screen, a hundred or a thousand miles away. You can even choose a line of reality, where the bombs misfired and never exploded, or the bombers were captured before they were able to enact their crime. Etc. Etc. 

Where does this take us? 

Well, since every line of reality that any of us can imagine can and does exist, then 5th Dimensional living becomes a matter of choice, choice, choice, and more choice. If you want to live in a world without crime or terrorism or war or poverty, do the self-work necessary to clear out your 3D beliefs in those things, as well as your personal investments in separation, fear, hatred and victimization, and then meditate on shifting to your preferred line of reality where such things don't exist. 

Sound too easy? Still prefer the old, slow, exhausting 3D strategies for managing social problems, approaches like political action and governmental control? Still enjoying that game? 

Likewise, are you still attached to ideas like suffering and "working hard" in order to sustain your physical well-being, or to notions like compromising and "sacrificing" in order to maintain a love relationship?

Too easy? Really?

You can change the world, people, but not by force or resistance or outer-focused actions, but rather... by literally changing worlds!

Think about it. Read and re-read the "new rules" of 5D, and equally as important, practice, practice, practice, so you can choose, choose, choose!

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