This post is coming from the Caribbean, St. Martin to be exact, where I am reminding myself, among other things, of how thoroughly healing and healthful sunshine is... along with the sea, sand and fine dining. (Some channeled info I listened to yesterday informs us that as we traverse through 5D, eventually we will all become vegetarians, and after that, we won't be needing food at all, but rather, we'll simply be absorbing the energy we need from the sun. Thus, I am getting in as much foie gras and creme brulee as possible right now!)

I am also being reminded, as I've written about many times, including in one of my "TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING SERIES" posts - that "PARENTS ARE THE LEAST QUALIFIED OF ALL ADULTS TO RAISE CHILDREN!" - and not just in enmeshed, dysfunctional enclaves like Park Slope, where bad parenting has been taken to a fine art.

Here in Paradise, parents suck, too!

So far, I've witnessed a toddler nearly having his arm ripped off while he got stuck in a luggage conveyor belt because his clueless parents weren't paying attention to him. Yes, they had 3 other ducklings they were haplessly trying to manage at the time, one of whom, in a Superman costume, was making grotesque feral sounds as he flew around the customs area. And in a lovely French restaurant in Grand Case last night, we had the experience of one family having to leave the establishment because of their screaming tot, but even worse, another family staying while their truly monstrous little boy demonstrated what attaching spirits look like when inhabiting a child who doesn't have the wherewithal to exorcise himself of such demons. (Hint: Parents are supposed to know how to do that!)

Folks, there is no difference, in this sense, between caring for an actual physical child and raising the remnants of the little child inside of you. It's a 24-7 job! That's not a metaphor or meant to be a symbolic statement.

Raising a child, inner or outer, is a 24-7 job. One moment of distraction and your kids being eaten by a conveyor belt... or running into traffic... or ruining the expensive dinners of dozens of people. Likewise, ignoring your inner child for a moment and you stub your toe, have a car accident or blurt out a hostile screed towards a loved one for no apparent reason.

If you don't want to live off the grid for a couple of years, or if you don't have enough money to hire a staff of caretakers, or if you don't live in an actual tribal village where everyone raises everyone else's children, and in any of these cases, if you haven't put in enough serious years of self work to become relatively self-actualized, then...


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