Anal Sex Anyone? It's Good for the World

Okay, let's have a little fun and take it out before the weekend arrives.

I found this article on this AM. It was mainly about homophobia and how it connects to the resistance in most men of being "penetrated," a subject which I touched on in my screenplay, "THE FILE," about an undercover FBI guy in therapy who secretly liked to be dominated by women. The article on Salon is called : "Kiss My Ass," by Louis Bayard.

Bayard starts out with this:

"For years America has desperately tried to outlaw sodomy. What are we so scared of?"

Good question. I'll skip the history lesson that the author gives for the moment, although it is interesting, on how anal sex ultimately became solely associated with male homosexuality in the legal code and the religious zealot's mind, and get right to the punch.


"Anal sex is a reminder to every man, gay and straight, of the chink in his masculine armor." Watching men "pleasure each other" anally leads any man to understand that "at some level they, too, could be entered and dominated. And if they weren't careful, they might enjoy it."

Now, interestingly enough, I know a lot of women who enjoy anal sex - and I mean enjoy, not just tolerate - and do so without the anxiety that men have about it. Perhaps that is because women are accustomed to being penetrated during sex vaginally already, and the anus is just a matter of inches away, so why not? I think it's more than that, of course, although anatomy is definitely part of it. As I've said in other postings, women are designed to be the portals to spiritual bliss and any man wise enough to surrender to "the feminine" is opening himself up to that bliss.

"Anatomy is destiny," Freud once said about a century ago. He also boldly declared that the anus was an erogenous zone. Like our genitals and tongues, lips and fingertips, the anus has a concentration of nerve endings that make contact and stimulation there pleasurable.

Why would this be so? Why all the erogenous zones?

Well, as I often say, nature never fucks up. Only people's minds and egos do. Nature made sure that the essential things we need to do in life in order to survive - eat, eliminate and procreate - are compelling. So, we experience intense pleasure, if we're not otherwise blocked up, when we eat, shit and fuck, which is what all higher animals do regularly, with great gusto.

The difference between most animals and humans, however, is that we have a reflective consciousness and an advanced capacity for imagination, so we can seek pleasure for reasons other than basic survival, beyond simple instinct. A human being can put two and two together and conclude that since genital to genital contact feels good, and mouth to mouth contact feels good, maybe mouth to genital contact might feel good, too, and hey! - maybe, if something going out of the anus feels good, why not try something going in (with the proper lubrication, of course.).

The problem surfaces, however, when religious and autocratic doctrine - predominantly written by repressed men, whose main goal is always to control its constituents, attempts to control sex and pleasure-seeking by mandating that sex may only be engaged in for the purpose of procreation. Ah, but like all laws against desirable things, there has to be a loophole, right?

Here's Bayard again:

"The notion of punishing homosexuals as a class was literally inconceivable before the late Eighteenth Century, for the word "homosexual" had not yet entered the English language and the implicit aim of sodomy laws was to punish all non-procreative sexual acts, regardless of who performed them. But then straight people began to realize just how much fun non-procreative sexual acts could be. The first third of the 20th century, says Eskridge, saw an explosion of oral sex among heterosexual couples, and although sodomy laws scrambled to keep up -- outlawing fellatio and cunnilingus -- the pendulum of morality gradually swung against homosexuals, who, alone among America's sodomites, could not justify their pleasures as a prelude to procreation."


Anyway, why is this important? Well, again back to Freud, our psychological Sherlock Holmes, who brilliantly concluded that the cause of severe paranoid disturbances in men was primarily rooted in intense homosexual anxiety, said anxiety being caused by a powerful desire, subconsciously, to be penetrated. The resulting reaction formations against this desire - machismo, misogyny, and homophobia - have, needless to say, done a great deal of harm to our world's population.

So, guys... give it up. Open up. Try it, you'll like it. We not only know you want it, but it would be good for everyone else, too.


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How do you think credit crunch affected porn?



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