Your Perfect Swing revisited

A short while ago, I posted an entry called, "YOUR PERFECT SWING," in which I talked about the capacity in all of us to transcend what we think of as our limitations. I referenced an article about Tiger Woods, written by Chip Brown, called, "IT'S GREAT TO BE IMMORTAL."

Here’s what Chip Brown said about Tiger:

“There are periods when Woods seems to be operating on a plane of platonic perfection… he is so focused, so there in some other world it seems he’s not even here anymore.”

Now, the news is that Tiger Woods is done for the year, but not without one last major that he said might have been his best ever. Woods explained why Wednesday when he revealed he will have season-ending surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left knee that he injured 10 months ago.

From the news article:

"Woods also suffered a double stress fracture of his left tibia two weeks before the U.S. Open, ignoring doctors' advice to take six weeks off to let it heal. And he still won the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, going 91 holes over five days on a knee that was getting worse."

Tiger: "Although I will miss the rest of the 2008 season, I'm thrilled with the fact that last week was such a special tournament."

He won despite doctors telling him to rest. He played one of his best tournaments ever, in spite of serious injury. He transcended his limitations again. It's beautiful, and such important information for all of us.

I used to regularly play tennis with a guy, a big guy, ten years younger than me and a triathlon competitor to boot. I only beat him once in all the matches we played, and it was when I sprained my angle at the start of the match. Why? Because my injury took me out of my head, out of my ego, and out of my anxious desire to compete. I had to favor the ankle, so I let go of any notions about winning. There was no way. So, I played the way Baggar Vance said to play - I allowed my best game to come out by just getting out of my own way. I floated and soared to victory without even knowing it.

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