Farewell Tim Russert

Tim Russert died suddenly today.

Husband, father, son, media figure and a man who has nudged history... until a little over a year ago, I was only peripherally aware of Mr. Russert as a journalist and interviewer. If there was a particular subject or guest on "Meet The Press," I would tune in, but since last spring and the beginning of the presidential campaign, I have spent a lot of time with him on our television, almost daily at times. During the Democratic debates, Tim stood out as the most direct, thoughtful and confident moderator, and not coincidentally, the most ego-less. Likewise, during the various news shows, including his own, that analysed the course of the primary season, Russert was a respite from the hype, a sharp but gentile knife that cut through the bullshit.

I find it interesting when considering Tim Russert's possible karma and soul plan to note that he was instrumental in exposing sides of the candidates, and especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in ways that surely had some influence in the outcome of the primaries, which of course, now effects the course of our history as a country. That job being accomplished, he left this earth.

He died suddenly, by our standards, but who really knows? Perhaps he actually extended his time here beyond what his soul planned so that he could participate in history in the way he did.

Maybe Tim Russert can claim, in a corrective and healing way for us all: "Mission Accomplished!"

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