The Herb Doc Who Cures the Incurables

Most of you know, if you've been listening to me or reading my material, including just the other day my entry, "EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY/LIVE LONG AND PROSPER," that I often state that it is our beliefs and our state of consciousness that creates health, moreso than what we eat or drink, etc. This is simply the truth. That being said, however, I do know that we often need active things to do in order to free ourselves from our old beliefs, things like meditation, journal writing, etc. Although I rarely will "advertise" any product or specific person's programs for anything in my therapy practice or on this blog, I have always made one exception...

His name is RICHARD SCHULZE, and he is a genuine do-whatever-it-takes master herbalist whose cleansing programs will change your life. They, and he, are kick ass, off the chart, and unrelenting, but unequivocally, extremely effective. Aside from the super-strength potency of his formula's, the program's are an intense meditation in and of themselves on "living long and prospering."

I have been doing Dr. Schulze's cleanses for over twelve years, now, a few times a year, and I can tell you this - if I were truly sick, no matter how severe the disease, I would do Dr. Schulze's "Incurables Program" before I would ever do a drug, slash and burn regimen usually prescribed by mainstream medicine practitioners. Many of my patients, friends and family have done "Schulzes" over the years, and many have proclaimed their amazing effects.

Anyway, with the summer fast approaching - a good time for cleansing - I thought I might pass this on.

Here's an excerpt from Dr. Schulze's website:

"In the 1960’s, I was dying from heart disease. So first off, you need to know that I am not some virgin sex counselor, preaching miracle healings while the worst thing I’ve personally experienced is a skin blemish. I know what it is like to be very sick, in pain and even dying.
The medical doctors and hospitals told me that unless I underwent gruesome open heart surgery, I would be dead before 20. I was scared to death, felt horrible and was growing weaker by the minute. I knew the doctors were right about my dying heart, but sawing and cracking my rib cage wide open, yanking my heart out and stabbing it with scalpels sounded frightening, horrific and insane.
I knew there must be another way. I had to suck it up, get tough and GET WELL. No one else could heal me. I had to discover how to heal myself. So, I ran out of the hospital, told the medical doctors to shove their scalpels and threw my prescription drugs in the trash. I set out on an intensive search for anything and everything natural that could heal my heart. As usual in my life, I got much, much more than I bargained for. Not only did I discover hundreds of natural ways to heal my heart, but thousands of natural ways to heal my entire body, mind and spirit.
I also discovered hundreds of worthless natural healing fads and fairytales and wasted thousands of hard earned dollars on nutritional and herbal supplements that didn’t work. Worse than that, my precious time was ticking away and I was getting weaker and sicker. Out of sheer desperation I decided to make my own herbal formulae. I had nothing to lose, I would either kill myself or cure myself. I searched for the purest and strongest herbs and took them right into my kitchen where, with a blender and a few other crude kitchen tools, I made my own tonics by stuffing and cramming the canning jars to the very top. When your life is on the line, you don’t skimp, you cram. I squeezed the murky herbal juices out with my bare hands through kitchen towels and started taking 10 times more than what the herbal experts said. Immediately I felt better, my heart rhythm was more regular and I had more energy. My home brewed herbal tonics worked better than anything I had bought in any store. I then modified, upgraded and intensified all the health programs and natural routines I was doing. Again, I was dying, I had nothing to lose. Within days I felt like a new person and the long and short of it is that in 3 years, my heart was healed!"

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