How can a country change so fast?

Day after day, the approval levels for Barack Obama keep going up and up and the poll ratings of Republicans keep going down and down. Day after day, people on the inside are finally coming forward to reveal the scandalous lies and crimes committed by government officials and business leaders over the last decade. Last night, Jim Cramer was apologizing to Jon Stewart, who ripped Cramer a new asshole this week for his part in the criminal manipulation of the stock market by hedge fund hogs that cost many working people their life savings over the last decade. Just like that nobody even gives a shit about Bill O'Reilly or Rupert Murdock anymore, and Rush Limbaugh has stepped forward to personally bury whatever is left of the lunatic fringe of the right wing in the United Stated. AND... Ann Coulter's book sales are plummeting!

But back to my question: How can things be changing so fast?

Well, I turn to a Pathwork Guide Lecture, probably one of my top three favorites: "THE UNIVERSALITY OF CHANGE - REINCARNATIVE PROCESS IN THE SAME LIFE SPAN."

This is an "advanced" lecture in that a lot of spiritual knowledge is already assumed by the time one has gotten to this lecture (Number 230 in the series). It is about what life looks like when one is on an accelerated path in a lifetime, what the opportunities are, and what choices can be made. It is a concrete explanation of the notion of being "born again," (as opposed to the childish version put forth by bombastic Evangelicals or the regressive imbeciles of the religious right).

What the Guide eloquently speaks about is the potential to create completely new life circumstances without having to go through the usual cycle of physical death and rebirth.

The Guide:

"A path such as this one you have chosen is indeed a very rare and intense one. Some of you may already connect intuitively with a complete change in your life experience, so that other potentialities that would have remained dormant in the incarnation you were born into can now come to the fore. With less development, these potentialities would remain to be expressed only in a future lifetime. On an accelerated path, a new incarnation can be undertaken without leaving the old body behind and creating a new incarnation. It can be done within the same life span. The life that would be terminated earlier can be extended, and the new seed plan can be 'taken out' and become the task within this life span. Or, a life that might have continued in certain circumstances - according to the old seed plan - completely changes in feelings, expressions, experiences, environment, and task. New talents may manifest, and old ones may be expressed differently."

Again - WOW!

It is an amazing experience to go through, reincarnating in the same lifetime, and indeed, sometimes, it is quite tumultuous and gut-wrenching, like physical death and birth often are. To arrive to such a place requires not only a lengthy and determined amount of intense, full-spectrum self-work, but after that, it requires a great leap of faith, an ultimate letting go, a permanent dismantling of the ego and character structures.

I know several people who did the real work to get to this place, the "full Monty" of therapy, but then stalled at the finish line. Yep. They have the winning lottery ticket in their hands, but they are resisting cashing it in because they know that everything will change forever once they do. And they will be in the new, expansive unknown.

The Guide:

"Sometimes a deep crisis indicates the changeover, but this crisis is in principle no different from physical death and rebirth. When you do not shrink from it, when you trust it and go with it, you can indeed bring forth a second incarnation within one embodiment. Living a full life always means stepping beyond the old fences and making new territory your own familiar ground, in which you soon feel as comfortable as in the old. Realizing yourself means feeling comfortable in a new self-expression. That is the task. And only the first few whiffs of the new experience are unfamiliar. Soon the new becomes the familiar, and you expand your circumference; you expand the territory for your psychic 'at homeness' until finally all the universe and all states of consciousness are truly your own, intensely familiar. Then you are one with the universe."

To those of you who are there, almost here, I say to you: CASH IN YOUR TICKET! You can't go back again. If you have done the work spoken about here, and so often on this blog, the work of dismantling your ego and character structure, you can't reconstruct anything from your past. Character structures can only be formed by a child in childhood. And not only can't you go back, you can't stay where you are, either. The force of change is inevitable, irresistible, undeniable. If you try and hold firm where you are, you will get sick, you will invite crisis and suffering. It's unnecessary.

So, back to our country... I am shocked but delighted to say that it appears that our own logjam at the finish line of transition has been broken. As a nation, we are clearly in the process of being reborn, shedding old paradigms and patterns of thinking, behaving with more openness and trust, and taking that leap of faith into the new, which included the stunning election of Barack Obama.

Come on, folks! It's fun over here! Good love, Eros and sex, passionate creative expression, vibrant health, genuine self-confidence, material comfort and the gratifying knowledge that you are contributing your light to others.

Jump! You can do it!!

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