It's an interesting theory. I don't think I disagree with the connection. In fact I remember someone putting out a chart after the 2000 election that showed which states voted for Gore and which states voted for Bush listed in descending order of each state's average IQ. The result was a clean break somewhere around an IQ of 100 or so, maybe 98 I think. Every state who's average IQ was above 98 voted for Gore, every state who's average IQ was below 98 voted for Bush. It was a pretty remarkable demarkation line; no cross over at all. So I think there's something to that theory that liberal=smarter. (Obviously there are very smart people who are conservatives and very dumb people who are liberal, but the point is that over large enough numbers there's some intriguing evidence to show that the averages tell the story of the big picture).

However. You should check out the movie Idiocracy. It's a really bad movie, one that barely has any cinematic value to it save for a very interesting central premise. Which is that America is undergoing a sort of a de-evolution. Towards the beginning of the movie the whole premise is summed up in a quick montage that cuts back and forth between two very different families. One, a well to do, well educated, supposedly well adjusted urban couple who are emotionally complicated but ultimately squirrelly in their actions. The second a red-neck ex-high school football player, typical red state, gun toting kind of guy who puts his penis in every hole he can find. As the montage goes on, they show a graphic of each family tree, and you see the family tree of the ex-football player grow and grow and grow as he's constantly impregnating cheerleaders, waitresses etc... On the other side, the urban couple mulls over the decision to even have a child, ultimately their emotional complications lead to them getting divorced and their family tree is left completely empty. Based on the tendency of that dichotomy playing out the movie cuts to a century in the future where the entire population is disastrously stupid.

The theory of how intelligence is evolved makes a lot of sense, but in reality, (which is highlighted in the extreme by the premise of this movie), we're unfortunately experiencing a de-evolution through the over-procreation of the less gifted.


I understand your concern, L56, and welcome back, by the way. Always glad to have your thoughts.

Here are mine -

If we think strictly in linear terms, we certainly would appear to be at risk of devolving into an "idiocracy." Our leaders in all of our major institutions - government, business, religion, medicine, education - seem instead of being the best and the brightest to be the worst and dullest among us. And yes, as inflammatory and not pc as it is to say so out loud, and I applaud you for saying it, L56, it has always been so that the least evolved in a society wantonly procreate the most.

So, where does hope for our evolution lie?

Well, not in our typically understood experience of linear cause and effect, but in quantum mechanics and meta-physics, in a manner of speaking. In other words, to push forward into our next highest phase of growth as a species, we will need to make a quantum shift, a change that is not just quantitative, but qualitative.

This shift is not going to come from advances in technology or philosophy, but from an evolution of consciousness. Quantum physicists know that it is consciousness that moves energy and energy is what everything is composed of. By shifting our level of consciousness, therefore, we will be able to make changes in our outer world that would otherwise be deemed impossible, in linear terms.

The time for such a change is clearly upon us.

Many people are experiencing major shifts in their lives these days, an acceleration of their personal processes, you could call it. As a result, people who are open, who have been working on freeing up their minds, emotions and bodies to a higher consciousness are being swept forward into experiences full of light and love and abundance and a peaceful knowingness. Simultaneously, people who are not open, who cling to fear and hate and superstition (or to guns and religion!), are being slammed by the earthquakes and tidal waves (literally and figuratively) of energy sweeping across the planet.

This is not a time where neutrality or fence-sitting is going to be possible, so fear not, L56. The force behind our evolution is inevitable. What is not inevitable, at least not in the short run, is that all will willingly choose to ride the wave forward. So be it.

Enjoy the ride, I say!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I see what you're saying. Evolution is inevitable. It has to be otherwise life would have completely ceased to exist practically before it started.

I'm still not so convinced about the timing of it though. Evolution seems to take the firmest grasp when the species is in it's most precarious position. The more a species is challenged the more it adapts. This is obvious in the biological sense, but I think it rings true on a consciousness level as well. Granted the last few decades have been increasingly challenging to our collective consciousness, but I guess the question up for debate is has it been challenging enough to trigger a swift evolution of our consciousness?

I'm not sure to be honest. I think on some levels it's possible, but on others I'm not so sure. Despite some of the current challenges, I still think that a lot of people are still very comfortable. Both physically and personally. I think a greater majority of people are now seeing a problem, but the problem hasn't come to their home, so to speak, in large quantities yet. And I understand what you mean by certain people riding the wave forward, but to get a wholesale collective consciousness moving there's no doubt we need a certain quantity of individuals to effect that change on the whole. And I'm not sure where critical mass is in that equation. It's possible that we're inches away, but I also think it's possible that the human condition of finding the path of least resistance will continue to kick this can down the road for a bit longer, perhaps decades.

I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, actually for all our sakes I hope the corner gets turned tomorrow and we'll be well on our way to a better world. But the objective side of me always wants to take a look at the scoreboard to make sure we're not deluding ourselves that one touchdown will close a 21 point deficit. Obviously we need the touchdown, but it helps to know how many more we need.

(With apologies for the weak sports metaphor.)


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