This is one of many scenes in the CITY ROCK series that brings us up close and personal inside a therapy session, this one between "Frank Cello" and "Reena," age 6.

Here's a clip from "Ridin' That Train," which will be performed in a staged reading on April 11, at Shetler Studios:


CLOSE-UP on 3 dolls: one black adult male, one black adult female and one black female child. The adult male and the child are held by two little black hands. The adult woman figure stands off to the side.

CAMERA pulls back and we see Reena holding the father and child figure, while Frank observes silently close-by. She never looks at Frank.

Reena makes a growling sound as she first just has the 2 figures jump around near each other, simply giving them life. Then, she makes a whining sound as if something bad is about to happen. The father figure leaves. The child figure is placed in a prone position, as Reena’s whining heightens, becoming more distressed. She starts to reach for the mother figure, then hesitates.

It’s all right.

Frank takes the mother figures and slowly brings it to Reena’s hand. Without looking up, she tentatively takes the mother in hand. The whine changes back to the growl, which becomes more and more feral sounding until... the mother pounces on the little girl ferociously. Over and over the mother attacks the child, while Reena’s voice rages at the scene.

CLOSE-UP of the mother in Reena’s hand as it prepares for one more assault. Suddenly, Frank’s hand intervenes, wrapping around the little girl’s hand, stopping the abuse.

Reena strains to free her hand and continue the attack. Frank easily maintains control... until the girl relents.

It’s all right. It’s not happening now. It’ll never happen again.

He gently takes the mother figure from her hand and places it far away from the action. Then, he picks up the child figure and first, holds it in his open palm, then brings it to his heart and holds it there.

Reena looks up at Frank’s face. He smiles slightly. She looks sad, but curious. Suddenly, she leaps up from the floor and into his embrace, wrapping her arms tightly around him.

CLOSE-UP on Frank’s face, eyes closed.

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