Here's Rick:

Once again, your "do over" is much easier to follow because you actually make sense with a well, thought-out response instead of a reactionary/impulsive rant.

You rightfully articulate that the evolution of institutions, typically creates a wide gap between those very principles on which it was built and the need for self-preservation. We see that with almost all large institutions to a degree. It sucks and I agree with you. The damaged caused is inexcusable! We can list many institutions, hospitals, schools, unions and your favorite = organized religious organizations or is it just the Roman Catholics?

Humans will never create that Utopia. Sir Thomas More was right in that America had the best chance at it because it had no history or institutions that usually end up screwing things up.

Greed, selfishness and pride can cripple people /institutions that begin with good intentions. Look at relationships. Many, familial, spousal or amicable all can fail or are dysfunctional because of those same traits. In the end, it is about choices and individuals doing the right thing. The best thing would be to protect the image or what's best for the individual. The right thing is what is best for everyone as a whole

However, as long as the principles of those institutions remain just and provide a significant contribution to allowing one to give themselves full permission to live, go for it.

Now, why do you only provide a story about the church and not the medical profession or police? What is your point? Why the need to go back? You did a great job in your response leave it alone.

Your ax to grind with these institutions appears to cloud your judgement in critiquing them. You simply support the very points that have been made. Where is the self preserving in this story? Where is the "institution" at fault. I need some help on this one.

Draw my own conclusions? OK. The story speaks about a corrupt/gay businessman and a gay choir singer. (I know why the Post included they were gay, but that is of no relevance to the point of the story and it exposes its agenda). They were immediately released from their lay church duties once those "bad apples" who were involved in illegal activities were exposed. It makes no mention of the institution's involvement or knowledge. If it did, those bastards!

According to your own critique of these institutions, we should be applauding the church! You should be encouraging people to return to the pews! Alleluia! The institution that usually screws things up actually put its ideals first. A renewed faith should be the call of the blog not draw your own conclusion.

Needing some here....

Here's PL:

Hello again, Rick!

So, since your main critique seems to be about my being particularly negative about the church, let me address that.

Yes, the other institutions - law enforcement, medicine, education, etc. - have their equally corrupt, self-serving side to them and deserve full scrutiny. But the church, and organized religions in general, are extra nefarious in their egoism because they strike at the heart of what could be the solution to the corruption in the other institutions - true spirituality.

A spiritual perspective that understands that love is the essence of All That Is, that we create our own reality, individually and en masse, and that we are all one holds the potential to heal so much that is ill with humanity. Instead, organized religions utilize fear of a wrathful and vengeful God, along with child-like promises of reward or punishment for proscribed behaviors, and also perpetuates a separation from and superiority over other people and their religions and belief systems. Case in point - even though Jesus himself said "The Kingdom of Heaven is within each of YOU," and also said that we all would be able to effect miracles like him one day, the church methodically manipulates not to empower its members with an understanding that we all have access to God's creative powers, but rather to minimize and intimidate its flock with guilt and shame.

It is always much more insidious when one uses parts of the truth to infiltrate consciousness with lies. That's why I single out religion, Rick, not for any lack of spirituality on my part, but because of it. That being said, since love is the essence of All That Is, we create our own reality, and we are all one, I understand that churches are part of the plan, too, that through their low vibration, we can find our way to the light!

Thanks for the stimulating dialogue!

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