THIS is from an article entitled "MOTHERS WHO KILL CHILDREN" by JOCELYN NOVECK:

"How could she?' It's the headline du jour whenever a horrific case emerges of a mother killing her kids, as Lashanda Armstrong did when she piled her children into her minivan and drove straight into the frigid Hudson River. Our shock at such stories is, of course, understandable: They seem to go against everything we intuitively feel about the mother-child bond. But mothers kill their children in this country much more often than most people would realize by simply reading the headlines; by conservative estimates it happens every few days, at least 100 times a year. Experts say more mothers than fathers kill their children under 5 years of age. And some say our reluctance as a society to believe mothers would be capable of killing their offspring is hindering our ability to recognize warning signs, intervene and prevent more tragedies."

The "experts" mentioned in the article, of course, want to "study" the problem, as if matricide were some kind of anomaly unto itself and not part of a truly endemic cultural disorder. In fact, mothers are killing their children all the time.

According to Alexander Lowen, the famous psychiatrist who coined the term "body language" and created the treatment process known as "Bioenergetics," a majority of children are abused in one way or another because our basic ideas of childrearing are tantamount to crushing the child's spirit, whether that be through direct abuse, neglect or yes, overindulgence.

To a vast majority of parents, having children is an ego-oriented process. When asked their motivation for having kids, close to 100% will say something that starts with "I wanted..." "I wanted to experience motherhood." "I wanted to have the same number of children my mother had." "I wanted that measure of 'success' as a woman." And worst of all, "I wanted to be loved."

In other words, it is usually the fulfillment of a mental image or the alleviation of an emotional deficit that drives most people to procreate, and that process doesn't end with the birth of a child, but rather becomes more intense and exacerbated over time. The result - kids are gutted of their independence and self-reliance, indeed of their true sense of self, or they become ruthlessly and joylessly driven to please, succeed or conquer in order to continue to get the parental approval fix they have become addicted to or never had.

Make no mistake, here, folks, this amounts to spiritual murder, not much worse than the physical version, except that up to a certain age, said offspring can still get some form of intensive therapy to try and "re-raise" themselves, in a very real sense.

I have been very tough on parents on this blog for a long time. With good reason. I've said it once and I'll say it again:

Of all of the adults available to raise kids, parents are the least qualified.

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