This is a piece from The O'Neill Studio blog on how the use of the roller, a Core Energetics therapeutic tool very familiar to my patients, is being implemented by an acting teacher and dramaturg with his acting students:

That's How I Roll

A quote contributed by one of our group:

"Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly." - Mae West

O'Neill's plays require a very intense emotion connection. With the introduction of The Roller, we all found a shortcut to that place. It takes a lot of such work to create permanent access to that place. And yes, it is a slow process, but each of you are in it.

From ALEX: “I really enjoyed working with the roller. It was key in helping remind me to play and find humor in the darkness. That's what that piece really needed.”

Alex remind us that you have to go with your inclinations. To quote Jack Nicholson “I go with my instincts no matter how wrong I think they are.”

FROM LYNN: “It was also cool two see the other actors work on the roller, before I did, because I got to see it's impact before actually experiencing it. What a powerful tool. Man, I could have stayed on that....It's all about relaxing for me, and the roller just confirms it even more. Every thing I need as an actor is inside me. The more I relax the more there is available for me to work with and the deeper I can go."

The roller shows us how barricaded we often are within ourselves. We have to keep the ramparts thin.

FROM MICHAEL: "One thing that I keep thinking about is that after I worked on the roller, I felt ready. It was interesting cause I was in this relaxed yet energized state. To put it in a different way, I felt like I was about to kick ass. Really. I felt confident, but not worried. Like I was filled with a precise energy that I could use, rather than let it use me. I remember coming up and feeling like I could do anything. A few of my teachers talk about how athletes will be 'in the zone,' and being one myself I have felt that feeling (although very sparingly). After the roller, I felt in the zone. Focused, confident and relaxed. What a feeling. When I went into text however, I felt it was lost a little bit. It was refreshing to not know where the monologue was going though. Less stress.”

Michael reminds us that when we are free, before we know it, we're on a roll.

It is one on which O'Neill's words can freely roll too.

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Anonymous said...

the roller has changed my life, opens up a new world


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