Here's MC:

As I witness the carnage that is created through the guise of religion I often ask myself; When will it end? It will only end if we refuse to be passive followers of "ancient doctrine" and use our intuitive gifts and critical thinking abilities to make discerning choices. As we continue to create new choices that are based on acceptance and love, regarding our lives and the lives of our fellow humans inhabiting this earth, we will eventually dismantle the lies and gain a new and healthy perspective on the truth of what it means to be human. What the Hassidic newspaper story illustrates is something deep and insidious. It's not just simply this event in which a religious group has taken it upon themselves to rewrite history. Any and all of us that have seen our human history through the eyes of religion have been deceived many times over and continue to be deceived to this very day. At a certain point in our human history most, if not all, documentation through the written word was filtered through religion. These "facts" have been manipulated to create a version of reality simply so that the ones in control could remain in control. This is another tragic example of how organized religion continues to infect the minds of it's blinded followers. Sadly, these followers start off as the hostages we call our children who are bombarded with lies and then become yet another herd of adult sheep who then blindly follow false truths and perpetuate these lies throughout the ages.

Here's PL:

I agree with you, MC. Makes you wonder how humanity could have evolved at all, linearly speaking, which is an interesting topic in and of itself.

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