I am going to be politically incorrect, somewhat intolerant, and a bit 3D here.

As my readers know, I have from time to time written posts on the theme: "We're not all the same." My point is to demonstrate that a fair amount of harm is done when we presume that all human beings are at the same levels of emotional, mental, social and/or spiritual development. In fact, we are all better off individually and collectively when we accept that we are all of different "soul ages," relative to our earthly incarnation cycles. It can really be a life-changing realization to understand that just as you can't expect a 3-year old child to effectively drive a car, you likewise can't expect a "baby soul" to be enlightened in their behavior.

A case in point currently making headlines. Believe it or not, and if you don't believe it it's at your own peril, two Hassidic newspapers in Brooklyn photoshopped the now historic picture of President Obama and his inner circle watching the killing of Osama Bin Laden.


Because in the actual photo, there were two women present, including Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The self-described "ultra-Orthodox" newspapers have a policy of never printing photos of women in its pages because they think such photos could be "sexually suggestive."

I hope you're saying "WHAT?!" right now, if you haven't already heard this story.

But aside from the preposterousness and hilarity at one level that such a ludicrous system of beliefs exists in which the mere visibility of women is considered "sexually suggestive" to men, who presumably must be considered not to have the maturity level of pubescent boys, there is a 3D reality here that is not so funny.

These guys are rewriting history under the guise of religiosity.

Removing people from photographs of historic events is fascist at best, insane at worst, and unless you consider things from a 4th Dimensional perspective, in which case you would see the Hassidic "ultra-orthodox" as infant or baby souls, these folks really need to be called out as primitives living in a world that is trying, albeit erratically, to evolve.


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