Although many of my counterparts in the 1960's experimented with drugs in their high school or college years, I didn't get around to trying out substance-induced altered states until the late Nineteen-Seventies, when I was already out of college. Late bloomer, I guess.

There were two types of drug-users I'd observed: those who were seeking new or different levels of consciousness and those were seeking to numb or annihilate themselves altogether. Most in the first group went on to various forms of self-work, like meditation or various alternative types of therapy. Many from the second group ended up dead or in and out of rehab.

When I entered therapy in 1980, I knew with an intuitive inner certainty that the highest high I'd experienced with a drug had to somehow be attainable without a drug (and therefore without all the negative side effects). I was determined to find the route to that place.

What followed were intensive courses of psychoanalytic psychotherapy (on the couch twice a week), past-life regression sessions, meditation, channeling work, a variety of body work regimes and mind-body-spirit therapies, and some of the most gut-wrenching (retching!) herbal-nutritional cleanses I could find.

That quest took the better part of the next 20 years, but my search was not in vain.

I can still remember the feeling when love, Eros and sex combined in orgasm and moved through the channels I had opened inside of myself for the first time at such a new level: the bliss, the exquisite pleasure, the soul-quenching rush of energy, and most significantly, that sense that everything was perfectly in harmony in the Universe. It vaguely reminded me of the highest drug high from decades ago, but was way beyond it. This was no artificial free sample; this was the real deal. And no negative side-effects!

Why am I writing about this today? Well, as always, science and medicine are that last to discover the truths about the way life really works, and so it seems that those disciplines have finally caught on to the power of orgasm. In an article in NEW SCIENTIST, entitled, "Sex on the brain: Orgasms Unlock Altered Consciousness," it was recently reported that researchers using MRI technology have discovered that orgasms create an "altered state of consciousness... one not seen, as yet, during any other type of activity."

The highest high! Hello!

"Orgasm is a special case of consciousness," said Barry Komisaruk at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Yep. These researchers even found that cumming is better for pain than aspirin.

"With brain-activation studies of orgasm showing unique patterns of activation in regions implicated in attention, self-awareness and consciousness, researchers believe its study may also help with the control of pain. The orgasm is a strong analgesic."

Ha! Got a headache? Period cramps? Back ache? Don't use those symptoms as an excuse to avoid sex. Go for it. You'll feel better.

Hey, listen folks. Genuine spiritual and healing teachings all make very special mention of the power of sexual energy. I have said on this blog often, citing channeled material from Seth and the Pathwork Lectures and other sources, that the experience of orgasm in sexual union with someone that you are in love with is the closest we human beings can come to experiencing what spiritual existence is actually like while still in physical form.

So, stop reminiscing about that amazing acid trip you took at Burning Man or the last Grateful Dead concert you went to, and do the self-work necessary to blow open your inner channels. Then you'll really be "Ridin' That Train!"

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