In a recent survey, the results of which are published in an article entitled "Motherhood Not to Blame for Women's Waning Ambition, Survey Shows," found that "73 percent of the women surveyed said they would not apply for their boss's job." The article goes on to say that it is valuing time and flexibility, and eschewing the politics of corporate life at the top, deterring more women from climbing up the corporate ladder.

Interesting... I just disbanded a small company, CITY ROCK NETWORK, after a 10-month start-up attempt, and one of the difficulties I had in setting up the company was trying to find a woman willing to be the president of the network. I wanted a woman as president because I value flexibility and intuition in one's approach to organizing, marketing and directing others, and I was not interested in the time-worn - and worn out - power-oriented/ego-driven approaches to leadership typical of most men in business. I believed that the "feminine" aspects of human nature, which of course, we all embody but don't all feel okay about demonstrating, would be a true asset to making our company innovative and cutting edge, as well as instrumental in creating a life-enhancing environment for all to work in.

Unfortunately, I found no takers, not from within the ranks of CRN's women, nor from the many responses to advertisements I placed for the position.

So what gives?

Well, I do believe that we are well into a pendulum swing in our society, one in which the worship of the "masculine" is giving way to a worship of the feminine (and I use the word "worship" cautiously here to mean value, appreciate, honor, not idealize.) The over-emphasis on masculine energy and consciousness has given way to extreme greed, perversion and hyper-aggressiveness in politics, business, religion and personal relationships.

But folks, let us not throw the baby out with the bath water (even if said women are having fewer babies). Let's not feminize life to such an extent that women refuse to step up, take the reins, express their gifts assertively, and lead. Such extreme pendulum swings in the either direction always leads to distortion. Balance is what we're heading towards.

There are many men out here like me, men who would vote for Elizabeth Warren in a heartbeat, even over Barack Obama, men who are sick of thick-necked, bloated Blutos or clueless, castrated Barney Rubbles... or whatever Herman Cain is... being the stereotype of modern men. Yes, we are men who are smart, strong, honest, sexual, humorous and enlightened who would love to be led by a woman who embodied those same qualities.

Hey... come on!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have thought about a salary and you would've had some takers.

cely said...

It's great to hear this coming from a Man! Thank you.


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