Joe Paterno has died, merely a matter of months since the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State broke, a travesty that ultimately got Paterno fired. Not coincidentally, the walls were closing in around Joe just before he was diagnosed with the fatal cancer that took his life.

Almost exactly a year ago, someone I knew personally died suddenly in a similar way. The person in question had been engaged in a series of pyramid schemes and embezzling, and just as the walls were closing in, he had a fatal heart attack.

This is how it's working more and more these days, folks. One way or another, we're all shifting to a new, higher place, and every year for the last three years The Wave of energy has gotten stronger. Witness the hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, etc., and the various economic disasters, as well.

Your surfboard is your self work, by the way, if you want to ride The Wave instead of getting knocked off the planet, it's up to you.

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