This is from the Huffington Post last night:

"With glittering fireworks and star-studded celebrations from New Zealand to Times Square, the world eagerly welcomed a new year and hoped for a better future Saturday, saying goodbye to a year of hurricanes, tsunamis and economic turmoil that many would rather forget. Many approached the new year with more relief than joy, as people battered by weather disasters, joblessness and economic uncertainty hoped the stroke of midnight would change their fortunes."

Indeed, I finished my own personal "Year in Review" journal entry yesterday, a private tradition of mine, and it turned out to be a full seven pages for 2011. And my final assessment of the year was definitely more of a "Whew" than an "Ahhh.."

Times of major shift can be like that - tumultuous, disorienting, literally and figuratively earth-shaking at times - but that's just The Wave that I started talking about two January's ago at work. Remember? If you stay balanced and open to the shifts, you will be taken at an accelerated rate much closer to your highest excitement and the life you truly prefer to be living than if you hold onto to what's familiar with a tight grip, in which case The Wave is likely to slam you.

You are changing everyday, whether you think you are or not. And every moment of every day, you are creating an untold number of lines of reality, and continually deciding which of those lines to focus on in the moment. It is only the fact that we make very, very similar choices over and over again that gives our experience a sense of linear continuity. That sameness is a hallmark of what we refer to as 3rd Dimensional (or "3rd Density") existence, where one thing seems to always follow another in a certain order and a certain time frame. And change is slow and not particularly disruptive.

The Wave that has been leading us with less subtle/more dramatic shifts as we've headed towards 2012 is happening because the majority of human beings on Earth have decided collectively to pick up the pace and get off the 3D linear ride. The 4th Dimensional ("4th Density") journey is one in which you are able to shift your lines of reality consciously, with greater fluidity, and in quantum leaps, creating a feeling of "skipping steps." In other words, we will be able to go from A to Z without having to go through the entire alphabet, or from struggling financially to great abundance without having to work our way up some corporate ladder, or from being lonely to being with the love of your life without having to go on hundreds of dates with the wrong people first.

In 4D, if you want to have dessert before the main course, you can; if you want to get younger and feel greater in your body, having the best sex ever as the years go by, you can; if you want to rewrite the history of your life story so that it has all the seeds of your current greatness planted in your early life, you can.

This is the year for "anything's possible," folks. Do the self-work necessary to release yourself from the confines of your beliefs and suppressed emotions, give up the illusions of control and needing to be "right," and go forth into 2012 with open arms to change, trusting in your desires and the manifestation of your own first best destiny, but don't be afraid to be surprised to discover that the best life you can actually have may be even better than the best life you ever dreamed of.

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