I'm reading my 14-year old's Rolling Stone Magazine special issue on the albums of the Beatles. As a writer and musician/songwriter, one of the things I always found and continue to find so impressive about The Beatles' 213 recorded songs over the unbelievably short 8 years of their career together was that they aspired to create different sounds with every record. They evolved continually, but not just within a genre, but across genres.

Most bands that become successful become known for their one specific signature sound. Not The Beatles. From the garage band sound of their first two albums, on which half of the songs were covers, to the joyful and sweetly harmonized second two of mostly originals, to the mournful, reflective, pot-influenced folk-rock of the next two to the psychedelic boundary-stretching, world-changing monuments during the Summer of Love era to the individual branching out, seperate-but-still-together revolutionary and exquisite final two albums, you couldn't truly keep up with The Beatles. You could only try and follow them, as many fans and bands did.

Embracing change. That is what made The Beatles great, and it is what makes life itself great. And while you're changing, remember:

"Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be."

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