"Anonymous" responds to PL on "Screaming Kids, Deaf Parents" & PL responds

In response to PL's entry on parents who see fit to let their babies disrupt the performances of older kids, and to interfere with the desire of adults to enjoy said performances (http://fullpermissionliving.blogspot.com/2008/04/screaming-kids-deaf-parents.html), Anonymous writes:

"It must be nice to have the luxury of an on call babysitter (and the money to pay for one). My kids aren't at an age yet where one or the other is performing at an event like this, my fussy infant often barges in--as I imagine you would think of it--on events where my toddler should be center stage because there's no other way for me to manage it. If my toddler needs to be there, and I need to be there , and my husband is at work (or wants to be there too), then by necessity, my infant is often there.

It frightens me that you're a therapist working with children and you don't seem to grasp the hard economic reality of so many families today. Or maybe you've just been living in gentrified Brooklyn for too long."

PL writes:

Dear Anonymous: I wish I could believe you that the reason for so many parents' irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior is economic, but I don't. Nice try, though. If you don't have the economic means to raise more than one child properly, why do you have more than one child? Aren't we back to the vicarious, narcissistic issue at hand?

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