Psychopathic Medical Professionals Once Again Exposed

An article in USA TODAY reports that an amazing number of children - 1 out of 15 - get damaged in hospitals by "medicine mix-ups, accidental overdoses and bad drug reactions. (
The article continues: "That number is far higher than earlier estimates and bolsters concerns already heightened by well publicized cases like the accidental drug overdose of actor Dennis Quaid's newborn twins last November."

As my readers know, one of my biggest outrages is the drugging of children by doctors, with the reckless support of teachers and parents. Those responsible for the care of our offspring are trashing our kids' immune systems with antibiotics or unnecessary vaccines, or attempting to turn them into attentive automatons for production purposes in our pathetic schools with psychotropic drugs. The article in USA TODAY illuminates another important dimension to the horror - whether we call these kinds of atrocities mistreatment, misdiagnosis or malpractice, these accidents are no accident.
Here's why -
The truth must always out itself. And it's more than just guilt. Even the worst psychopath has a soul, a higher self, seeking self-correction of our human personality. Whenever human beings behave psychopathically, be they Elliot Spitzer spending public funds on hookers, Hillary baldly lying about being under sniper fire, or common criminals leaving clues behind that eventually lead to their demise, bad behavior is inevitably exposed. These destructive slip-ups in our hospitals are no exceptions. Sorry, folks, but the "good doctor" is a myth from your childhood in far too many cases. Most of you know of at least one case, don't you, of legitimate malpractice? Most of these lawsuits aren't frivolous. And some are deadly or life ruining. That's because our medical profession is itself suffering from a major infection. More than we want to accept, because we have been conditioned to deify doctors and want to remain child-like in their care, our medical system is driven by greed and ego. As in MONEY and POWER!
Save yourself. Save your children. Grow up, and take charge of your health. Believe me, your intuition about your body will get it right more often than any battery of tests, costing tens of thousands of dollars, you'll be hypnotized into taking.

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