That's the fact, Jack!

"You can't handle the truth!" said Jack Nicolson's character in "A Few Good Men."
That's the bottom line of what I came away with after Wednesday night's sad excuse for a debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Sad because Barack Obama is actually getting lambasted on a regular basis because he at least tries to tell the truth. He hasn't yet given up on the idea that the truth is actually a winning strategy. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand is ruthlessly fighting on and still holding onto support, in spite of the fact that, even moreso than her putative husband, Slick Willy, Slick Hillary wouldn't know a lie if it was coming out of her own mouth. Oh, right...
OF COURSE working class people who are regularly exploited and bamboozled by the psychopathic Machiavelli's who've dominated our political process for 40 years are "BITTER," and so, OF COURSE they are going to cling to religious dogma to find solace and explanation for their deprivation, to guns to counteract their feelings of powerlessness, and to xenophobia and intolerance as an easy way to avoid seeing who's really hurting them: the very pols they've been tricked into voting for year after year since Richard Nixon.

This is today's news: "The public's ratings of the national economy continue to sour, with assessments deteriorating faster than at any point in Washington Post-ABC News polling. Nine in 10 Americans now give the economy a negative rating, with a majority saying it is in poor shape, the most to say so in more than 15 years. And the sense that things are bad has spread swiftly. The percentage who hold a negative view of the economy is up 33 points over the past year, and the percentage who rate the economy poor has increased 13 points in the past two months. That is the quickest 60-day decline since The Post and ABC started asking the question, in 1985.

The crudely disguised, greedy but rationalizing sadists, who are no different than the typical abusive fathers who tell their children they do it to them out of love, have been ruling the roost and gleefully presiding over this economic debacle since the last Kennedy was killed 40 years ago.
The truth? The economic policies of these so-called "conservatives," reborn as "neocons" ("neo-CONMEN" is more like it) have uttely decimated the financial well-being of the working class, over and over again with each successive decade. But beginning with Nixon's "Southern Strategy," the ironically labelled "right" have successfully manipulated the struggling masses by stirring up their irrational fears of death and The Other.
But all of this is just one truth at one particular level. What's the deeper truth we REALLY can't handle, Jack? That most of us somewhere deep inside want to believe in a Daddy who is all powerful, a Daddy who, even though he hurts us, lies to us, robs us of our automony and self-confidence, somehow still loves us and really will come through for us in the end. I have seen countless numbers of individuals ruin their lives on that altar, waiting for the Big Guy to come through and finally stop using and abusing us. But know this - It never happens. Ever. Whether it's a happy, fulfilling adult life you want to have or a sane, humane, responsible government, you have to let go of your Daddy (and Mommy, of course!) Let go, America. Grow up!

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