This is your brain lying...

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton activated her entire campaign apparatus to portray Senator Barack Obama’s recent remarks about the desperation of working class and poor Americans as reflective of an elitist view of faith and community. Senator Obama said that economically oppressed people were "bitter" and as a result were inclined to "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” Mrs. Clinton said that Mr. Obama was wrong to suggest that religious commitment, hunting and concern about immigration were emotional responses to economic strain rather than "deeply embedded values that transcend the moment."

Clinton: “I grew up in a church-going family, a family that believed in the importance of living out and expressing our faith,” she said at a rally in Indianapolis. “The people of faith I know don’t ‘cling to’ religion because they’re bitter. People embrace faith not because they are materially poor, but because they are spiritually rich.” She also "recalled" how her father taught her how to shoot when she was a young girl.

How can I say this without sounding too crude? Ah. Yes. What a rip-roaring crock of shit!! What a two-faced, forked-tongued, double-talking, bald-faced liar Slick Hillary has turned out to be. First of all, who does Hillary know that is "spiritually rich?" Her impulse-disordered putative husband? Her evil-incarnate, psychopathic "former" campaign director, Mark Penn? James "Nosferatu" Carville? Are you kidding me? The Clinton gang wouldn't know a "deeply embedded value" unless it had seven or eight figures and a dollar sign in front of it. And now she's running on the recollection that her father taught her how to shoot a gun? Not only have we learned that Hillary's "recollections" are about as reliable as the fantasies of my 6 year old daughter, but since when did knowing how to shoot a gun serve as a positive resume item for a Democratic candidate in the 21st Century?

Why am I putting this kind of diatribe on my blog, you may ask? Because I talk about certain disorders and character structures, especially narcissism and psychopathy, a lot. I chastise parents who are enmeshed and overly-indulgent of their children for vicarious purposes about the narcissists that they are creating. Here, in the public spotlight, we have two classic examples of what your child will grow up to be like if you don't do the hard work of setting boundaries and individuating: Hillary and Bill Clinton. Think about it.

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